The Doctor

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

Mira sat in her office. An opera played softly and there were reports to read, to write, and to send waiting for her on the terminal. But, it all went unnoticed. Mira could only hear over and over in her mind the news that they would be going into Vorlon space. Is this where my Dream will find me? she wondered, remembering the circumstances of her Death-Dream. She could feel the fear and trepidation of the others no matter where she went in the ship. Even here, in her office, she could feel the nervousness of the Minbari nurses. She couldn’t decide if she should be afraid and that was the most disturbing part of it all.

The Centauri had not had contact with the Vorlons before they had escaped Homeworld and met them in space. While the Vorlons had tampered with so many races, they had left the Centauri untouched. Having spent so much time on Minbar, over four years, Mira knew the differences between the touched races and untouched. But, even now, she could not decide who was the better off. Hovering on the edge of forbidden space, it worried her that she might enter the danger lacking something the others had. To make matters worse, the Days of Grief require one to dwell upon one’s own impending death. Consequently, her Death-Dream had been very present in her mind.

I feel like such a coward, being afraid of my dreams, Mira sighed, then shook her head to herself. I’ve been too long away from Homeworld. It’s perfectly normal for a body to get nervous when they start recognizing people and places in the Dream. She rubbed the bare skin around her single top-knot of brown hair. Lately, I think I’ve just been out of sorts. It simply isn’t natural to get thrown around for a couple of hours every other day and feel good about it. Mira grimaced remembering the combat-training sessions with Morgan. They had only just begun and already the plump Centauri woman was a near-constant mass of aches.

I miss my family, her depressed thoughts continued. I always feel better after a long chat with Kotimma over brevari and cake. How long have I been on this ship? I find it hard to believe that I still eat alone. Is it my fault? Mira frowned, the worry showed mostly around her eyes. The only thing that saved the good doctor from more melancholy mental meanderings was the entrance of a nurse with a complicated question. Mira instantly put aside her problems and self-doubts. Leaving the office to be the problem-solver for her staff, she just as easily left her personal self behind and became nothing more than The Doctor.

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