A Light Opera

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

Mira stomped into MedLab growling at anyone in her way. She was obviously in a terrible mood. No wonder, really, considering how her day had started out. A patient suddenly waking from what was feared to be a permanent coma was supposed to be a wonderful thing, but then, said patient decides to leave. That’s bad enough. It got worse when the patient actually got away. To take matters from worse to terrible, the patient had been on the run for (Mira glanced at the time) the last ten and a half standard hours.

Alaneil had run off during third shift and it was now time for Mira to relieve Dr Brannon for the beginning of second shift. The plump Centauri woman sat at her desk and ordered the computer to play some selections from Dorva. She thought, I just spent the last ten hours running around the ship looking for a sick Minbari in a hospital gown and I can’t find him. Now all I need is for a sudden flood of wounded and the Captain to show up for an impromptu inspection.

Mira saw Hellecat go off to continue the search for that wayward patient. Dr Evers was still out looking. There were off-duty nurses posted at strategic points in the ship.Alaneil will not be free for much longer, she thought grimly. Mira tapped her link, “Nurse, has he shown up at his quarters yet?”

“No, doctor. All’s quiet here.”

“Thank you.” Mira sighed heavily and rubbed her head. I feel like I’ve woken up in an operatic comedy of errors. My Father, I hope you are enjoying the show. If you could put in a good word for me with S’ran-to, I’d appreciate it. She suddenly realized that her single streamer of hair was still loose. Muttering to herself she started to comb it with her fingers and braid it. Mira was scrounging around in her desk for a hair tie when some Security officers arrived with two limping Humans. Hurriedly rolling and tying the long brown braid into a knot on the top of her head, Dr Trassano came out of the office to see to the wounded.

“What happened to these men?” She had already gotten the worst one seated and was removing the clothing.

“Stupidity happened, doctor. These two were in the lounge mocking a third man who decided to give them both a sound whupping.”

Mira’s lips tightened. “Perfect,” she muttered. A perfect capper to a perfectly horrible day. I feel like “whupping” someone myself. The good doctor proceeded to treat the two stupidity-stricken Humans while giving them a lecture about their oaths as Rangers. Never one to tolerate the willfully stupid, she was none too gentle with either of her tasks.

Having just finished up and sent the Humans on their way, Mira heard the main doors swish open. Hoping to see someone returning with her foot-loose patient, she looked up. But, all she saw was another Human wearing a very colorful outfit indeed and clutching his bleeding side. Today just doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

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