A Little Help

Characters: Tylo Narsh, Anakin Solo

Tears fell from his face and splashed down on his wife. She was so beautiful, even in death. “Those bastards! Those sanguinario killers! They’ll pay!!” He dropped his wife to the ground and ran out of the remains of their home. A great blackness fell over the surface, and Tylo looked up to see the ship that was causing it.

A giant crab floated above him, its hull swirling in patterns of black and light. It slowly turned, and the opening in the front faced him. “You . . .” Words couldn’t express the rage Tylo was feeling now. He jumped at the ship and flew through the sky towards it. Then, a red beam from the “shadow” burst forth and met him.

He woke, panting and tired. The sheets on his bed were tangled and stretched, as if he had been fighting with them all night long. “Another one. If only they would make sense.” Tylo sat on the edge of his bed and held his head in both his hands. “That didn’t happen. And neither did the last one, or the one before that. I’ve got to get these to stop.”

The clock in his room said that it was only two hours before he was to get up. Tylo decided to skip trying to sleep anymore and just go to work. He had meeting after meeting today. There were many new crew members frrom Babylon 5 that he had to see. And just when he could delegate some work to his XO, Dylan runs off and takes Morgan with him. 090 was still missing too, and Tylo had no idea when he would be returning. At least Validenn was on his way back.

He finished dressing and left his room, trotting to the bridge, and crossing it to his office. He had never liked it how the captain had to go through the bridge, or at least get near it, to get to his office. There always seemed to be some distraction to keep him from getting to his destination. But, sitting here at Babylon 5, waiting for the crew to return and new orders to come in, there were none of those distractions.

The plain office didn’t look very welcoming to Tylo, but if he made it a place he enjoyed going he’d end up getting all kinds of work done. He sat in the chair behind his desk and called up a few files that needed reviewing.

A few hours of work later, the chime for his door sounded. “Captain Narsh, I believe you wanted to see me?” The door had opened and a young man with short brown hair and a lopsided grin stood there. “I’m Anakin Solo, passenger for this little trip. I was told you wanted to see me today?”

Tylo tried to return a smile, but the overwhelming tiredness that covered his whole body stopped him. “It looks like we won’t be able to take you to earth as soon as was hoped. I have several officers that have gone AWOL, and I think that they may be in danger. One of them is a telepath, that I know has been captured by the Corps.”

There was a visible shudder from Anakin at the mention of Psi Corps. He had spent his entire life trying to evade them and live as a free man. Recently, he’d spent time trying to make it as hard as possible for the Corps to get anything done. It would be wonderful to make another stab at them. “Telepath in danger? If it gives me a chance to go meet the Psi Corps face to face, I’d love to help. Any ideas where he is?”

“Right now, no. But there is also something else that I’d like you to do.” Tylo had been hoping that something like this would happen, he needed an experienced telepath to help with something. “Onboard, I have another crew member that is a telepath. She is, however, totaly untrained.”

“Ah, I think I can help there too. Who is this person?”

“Kim Matsumoto. She’s our Science Officer,” Tylo said. “I don’t know how she managed to escape the Corps for so long, but she has. Now, I’ve got someone with almost no idea how to control her powers. I’d like to know that I can trust her to not accidentally do something.”

“Understood, Tylo. I’ll see if I can find her. And if there’s anything else, don’t be afraid to ask.” Anakin turned to leave, ready to go meet this telepath.

“Hey, Anakin,” Tylo called. The former-Captain Solo spun around to face him. “Take this with you, amigo.” Tylo tossed a comm-badge and PPG pistol to Anakin. “You might end up needing these.”

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