A Little Suspense

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

Mira hummed joyfully to herself as she shuffled her package in her arms. She dug out her identicard for the Security Officer standing guard at the docking bay entrance. It wouldn’t do to have just anyone wandering in off the station, Mira thought to herself, I suppose. My goodness is this box heavy. She negotiated the corridors of the Phoenix on autopilot. They were so much a part of her now, Mira didn’t doubt she could have done this blinded and crippled. I wonder what they sent me? They really shouldn’t have sent anything. It is so expensive sending interworld mail.

The doctor paused in front of her quarters. Poised in the act of deactivating her lock, she was caught by the idea. Didn’t Kotimma say that Uncle and Auntie were going to send something for Yoshino? Perhaps I should open this with her. Turning abruptly, Mira nearly tripped over the hem of her Ranger’s robe. For some strange reason her clothing just hasn’t been fitting properly lately. We can have a nice chat and open the package and maybe even a lesson or two, she thought. She nearly tripped again. Then I will go back to the station find a good tailor and have my clothing fixed. This is truly becoming annoying.

Chuckling and skipping like a child with a surprise, the short Centauri woman headed for Yoshino’s quarters.

(C) 1999 Mona Hinds. All rights reserved.


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