A Long Way To Go

Characters: Katia Santiago

Katia hurried into the lift and immediately started towards Engineering. She wanted to get down there and see what kind of damage had been caused during their last altercation with the aliens. If the bridge was any indication, she really didn’t want to see what awaited her. As the lift slowly moved towards its destination, the Chief Engineer leaned against the wall in exhaustion, rubbing her shoulder a bit where it was still tender. She was just happy the lift was functioning at all, she really didn’t feel like crawling through a bunch of tubes to get to Engineering.

As she stood there, her mind began to drift back to her daughters. Seeing them again had opened more wounds in her heart than she cared to admit to even herself. It had to have been close to ten years that she had jumped into the future. Her mind just couldn’t accept what had happened, although, she did know that this proved to her that she would one day have her children back to her! It was something she was going to check into as soon as the war was over. She had to return to Mars to find them, and bring them with her. If that meant leaving the Rangers, then she would do it.

Katia could not accept the feeling she had gotten from the baby, though. It had been obvious to her that the child had been hers, but that couldn’t be. Doctor Trassano had told her she would never have children again. The Corps had seen to that. Would there be a way to reverse the drug given to her after the birth of her last child? She shook her head, it was too soon to think about the implications of that. There would be no one for her to have any children with, of that, she would make sure. Santiago vowed to herself never to let anyone that close to her again.

But, how did that explain the dark-haired man who had kissed her so tenderly? It was all a dream, nothing more. Katia had control over her own future, and refused to believe she would give into that emotion again. It lead to betrayal, and pain. That was something that she wouldn’t even contemplate. But, getting her daughters back would be top on her list of priorities after they got out of this. Maybe Kim would be willing to help her find them. Take them away from Nathan, for Katia was convinced he was the one who was raising them, no matter how much he had denied.

If she ever was able to get her hands on her husband again, she would make sure he didn’t walk away from the encounter, she knew that much. He had done the worst thing anyone could do to a woman, and that is take her children away from her. Especially minutes after they are born, knowing she will never see them again. She drifted back to the birth of Kayla, remembering how she had pleaded with him to not take her. How she had cried in misery as her daughter was taken from her. She had tried to take care of her second pregnancy, only to have Nathan find out and confine her to the house with a Psi Cop as a guard the second time around.

Oh, she had proven her loyalty to the Corps, and intended to be part of the undoing of them one day as well. And, in time, she would get that chance.

The Chief Engineer blinked down at her hand, watching through tears as her hand shook from the emotions she had flowing through her body. Just then, the lift opened, admitting her into Main Engineering.

With that, Katia forced the emotions into the little room in the back of her mind, locking them away as she had so many times before and stepped onto the Main Engineering deck to find that things were as bad as she feared down there and she now had to take care of it, or they would never get home.

She stepped into the middle of the Chaos, holding her hands up and yelling to be heard above the noise of those who were injured and those who were doing their best to keep the ship together, “OKAY, EVERYONE!! IT IS TIME TO REGROUP HERE! OUR FIRST PRIORITY IS TO GET THIS SHIP BACK TO BABYLON 5. WE WILL HAVE A BRIEF MEETING IN FIVE MINUTES OF ALL AVAILABLE ENGINEERING STAFF TO FIGURE OUT THE BEST WAY TO DO THAT. ALL AREA LEADS BRING MY YOUR STATUS REPORTS!”

With that, she stepped down and made her way to her office, waiting for the reports to confirm her worst fears. Her worst fears weren’t realized, though, to her great astonishment. Her people had down their jobs keeping the ship together, but they still had a long way to go before they could rest.

Copyright (C) 1998 Tamara Freise. All rights reserved.

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