A New Home

Characters: Robert Evers

Bobby hung the last of his stiff, layered uniforms in his closet, straightened the row briefly, then slid the door shut. He moved to his bed and started rummaging through a duffel sprawled out on it. His hand found the edge of the picture frame he was probing for and pulled it lose from the jumble of items inside. A grin crossed Bobby’s face as he peered at the image of his mother, father, and two brothers, all still on earth. He prayed each night that they were all right.

So many things had been shut off to him. He had left family, friends, and so many opportunities behind when he had decided to join the Rangers. At the time, it seemed like a mad man’s wild errand, but now, after the martial law, Nightwatch, and all of the insanity that Clark had brought to the universe, it had turned out to be one of the most brilliant moves Bobby had made in his mismanaged life. Bobby’s face darkened as he thought once again of how much was still out there, how much that had to be done before he would be able to return to his family. So many things…

He set the picture gently beside his bed, then pulled out a few other miscellaneous trinkets from his duffel bag, keepsakes acquired at one time or another during his travels, and placed them around his quarters. He did not keep much in terms of size, but he always seemed to pick up some small item from wherever he had gone. Most of them were worthless, meaningless to anyone but him, but he valued them all the same.

Ruffled hair, rough faced, and a bit weary from travel, Bobby was not in the best condition to depart for a meeting with his new superior. Light from starlit space glanced off a diamond shaped mirror on the far wall, perking Bobby’s curiosity as to exactly what he appeared as to others. He crossed his room, stopping before the looking glass, and chuckled. Never had he imagined that age would show on his baby-face, but staring back from the mirror was a disheveled and rugged face, a slight glint it’s eye, and a friendly air projected from the warm smile playing its way across the slight features. Little Bobby Evers.

Bobby shook his head, springing his sandy brown mop of hair to life, then ran a hand through it, calming a few wiry strands. The rest of him was adequate for now. His Earth Alliance instructors would have said he was disgracing their rigid institution with his appearance, something he would have gladly done, but he was now a Ranger, a whole new set of rules placed before him.

A slight adjustment of Bobby’s casual coat and jeans, and he turned to the door, curiosity pushing him into a meeting with the¬†Phoenix’s CMO. He strode from his quarters, the opening quietly closing behind him, and strolled down the hall to the nearest lift.

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