A Night at Home

Characters: Yuval Korovski

Warm air hit him as he walked out of the atmospheric shuttle and onto the dusty, weathered landing platform. Even in this part of the winter, the air was relatively warm. A few clouds drifting in the sky, casting shadows over the dark sea which was near the StarPort. Shadows… this word reminded him of the recent war and his dead friends.

“Name?” Asked the security officer standing in the Terminal’s entrance.

“Yuval Korovski.”

“How long are you going to stay here?”

“12 hours.”

The officer motioned him to move and returned to the short line of people entering the terminal building. The large structure was surprisingly empty, considering the fact that as long as Yuval could recall, this place was always busy, full with people who came and left.

In a few minutes Yuval left behind the enormous concrete structure and dived into the crowded streets of Haifa. The city remained as he remembered it, large, dirty, crowded and heavily polluted. But on the other hand, he always liked the colorful streets, full with people buying, selling and just walking around. In this city he was born, and he have returned to it once more in this warm winter day to visit someone.

Even when he was on distant worlds, seeing things that should better remain unseen, he knew deeply in his heart that someone awaited him back on earth. He haven’t heard from Lena for years – but he had the feeling that she was still alive. Yuval have spent some of his early years with Lena, as the two were close friends and later something deeper than this. Life have separated them, as their destinies led each of them to a different place. But even when they were lightyears away from each other, Yuval still felt the small part of Lena which will always remain with him. When they were deep in love, Yuval haven’t even heard of telepaths, but later he understood that Lena was one.

Walking down the crowded street Yuval thought about her. He always liked her, her dark eyes, her brown hair. She was always somewhere dark, living on the thin line between law and crime, between this world and the things beyond, between the darkness and the light. She was always interested in strange things, reading cheap popular science books and poetry with Yuval at one moment and hacking into some corporate computer at the other.

The building in front of him was hit by something during the civil war, judging by the large hole opened in it’s front wall. This part of the town was officially deserted, however a few people lived there – including Lena. Yuval stepped into the half broken door of the building, entering a dark hallway with it’s walls covered with anti-clark grafitti. Stepping in nearly complete darkness, Yuval heard the sound of a PPG powering up behind him. “Turn around, slowly.” came a weak, yet familiar voice from the shadows around where he stood. Having no other option, he turned around to face the dark stare of Lena.

“Yuval, what the hell are you doing here? I thought that you died during this goddamn war.” She asked him, surprised to see his face.

“I was lucky not to be fried by Shadows, Drakhs and Clark supporters.”

“I’m so glad to see you! but hey, who’re those Shadows and what is this strange Minbari-like uniform that you’re wearing?”

“Shadows are some alien race, a powerful one. And this uniform… I’m an anla’Shok member.”

“Anla Shock? Yes, I remember hearing about them on ISN after the war was over. So you work for them? it looks quite odd to me, but this universe is full of odd things.”

“Atleast I’m here, just to be with you a few hours before I’ll join the crew of my new ship.” Yuval said and fell into Lena’s arms. The held each other for a very long time, having no words in their mouths to express their feelings towards each another. Each of them passed through fire, darkness and death – and now, for a short time, they were together again.

(C) Copyright 1999 Omer Joel. All rights reserved.

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