A Stranger In a Strange Time

Characters: G’ren

G’ren continued his work in security, coordinating teams and watching the screens from time to time. Most of the time he had nothing to do, except for speaking with the Security Screen Operator or just thinking.

He was on the Phoenix for several hours now, but he was still confused by its large size. The WS 39, where he served before moving to the Phoenix, was small, with a small crew. Now he was on a large ship, with much more crew members. Of course, this ship still had less crew than the NRS Defender, but getting used to work with 60 new crew members was a hard but interesting thing.

He still remembered his first day on the Defender, getting used to live in a crowded Narn vessel, full with crew members and ground forces. But now he was a ranger — and on a Minbari/Vorlon hybrid ship, and his days onboard the Narn ship looked far from him.

He knew that being a good security officer requires knowing the ship itself, knowing any corridor, any small room and every crew member. Such knowledge was ultimately necessary to keep up security, and of course to plan the defense against ground forces coming from breaching pods in combat. Learning such information on the Phoenixwas very hard, because the ship was enormous in size and had a relatively large crew.

From all the 60 crew members, G’ren knew only one – Ensign Karina Alenova, the Security scanners operator. And even her he knew only for a short time — He was still a stranger here. A stranger in a strange time. One of two Narns on a Minbari ship built using some Vorlon technology and commanded by a Human.

“Security team 2 to Security office — We have finished our patrol of deck 2, nothing important found, Sir.” The voice from G’ren’s Comm disrupted his thoughts.

“Good” he replied. “Can you please bring us here in Main security something to eat? I didn’t eat for several hours and the others here stayed in main security for much longer.”

“Yes sir …” the security team head replied.

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