A Study In Success

Characters: G’ren, Dr. Mira Trassano

The turbolift’s door opened as it reached Medlab, and G’ren carriedKarina out. Her arm was still bleeding despite G’ren’s best efforts to stop it, and he knew that she must get to a doctor as soon as possible.

Mira was standing in the middle of the chaos that was MedLab forcing it into a semblance of order. She had all but forgotten herself, in times of need like these, she was only a doctor. She heard the doors behind her open and thought, Blast! We are not yet ready for the wounded. Turning, Mira saw the bleeding scanner operator in the arms of a fellow Ranger.

A few steps had taken him into a slightly damaged MedLab where G’ren found himself chest to face with a small plump Centauri woman. Her look, and even her smell brought disturbing memories into his mind. The craters at his homeworld, the ruins of what was once a live, peaceful world … The long list of names of Narns killed by the Centauri during the war and occupation, as it appeared on his screen at WS 39 just days after the Centauri left Narn … and the dead bodies of his friends on the NRSDefender, killed by that Centauri cruiser ….

Some other part of G’ren told him that this woman wasn’t dangerous. After all, she was a Ranger like him, fighting the same enemy and of course she was a doctor, and Karina needed her help ….

Mira reacted to the bleeding Ranger as only a doctor would. She reached out with a piece of medical tubing dug from out of her pocket and quickly fashioned it into a tourniquet on Karina’s arm. Holding it tight, she saw the bleeding slow to a persistent trickle. “Bring her over here where I can start her a transfusion,” Mira ordered the Ranger holding Karina. It was only when he did not respond that she looked up into the face of a very large, very disturbed Narn.

For an instant, Mira wondered what he would do. For that bare moment, following too closely on the heels of her nightmare, she wasn’t sure of anything so random as another being’s actions. The blood-slickened tubing slipped a notch in Mira’s hand and the moment passed. She took a breath and racked her mind for the Narnish words to tell the Ranger again what she needed him to do.

G’ren came out of his reverie. “Doctor, can you please help us? She was hit by an exploding screen in security, and she got wounds all over her arm…” He finally asked, trying to control himself. One part of him hated her just because she was Centauri, the other part of him even liked her. After all, it was hard for the Centauri to join the Rangers, and she was a part of the organization which helped his people so much.

Mira smiled at him, relieved that there wasn’t going to be a scene after all. Once that was settled in her mind, she promptly forgot all about him being a Narn. “Bring her other here,” she ordered, indicating a nearby bed. She called out for a nurse to bring the instruments she would need. “I shall have to start her a transfusion before I can deal better with these cuts. What is her name?”

“Her name is Karina Alenova, Doc.” G’ren replied and carried Karina to the bed.

Mira’s mind was already reviewing what she knew she might see and have to do to fix the woman. When Karina was laid carefully on the bed, without a thought, Mira took G’ren’s hand in hers and directed it to holding the tourniquet tight. With her hands free at last, Mira set about cutting away the cloth that blocked her view of the wound. Other wounded were already being brought into MedLab and she watched them come in with half an eye.

G’ren held the tourniquet tight while Mira examined the wound. His thoughts were still confused, but he knew what he had to do. He had full responsibility over Karina, and he had to keep her alive. He didn’t know her very well, and never had a real conversation with her, but a life is a life and it has to be saved, not matter if it was Narn, Minbari, Human, or even Centauri. Karina was born light years away from where G’ren was born, and she was so different from him – both physically and mentally, but still G’ren helped her. This was the success of the Rangers, having aliens from different races caring about one another … helping each other in the long, twilight struggle against the darkness, in any form of it.

Copyright (c) 1998 Mona Hinds and Omer Joel. All rights reserved.

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