A Time To Play, a Time To Heal

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

Mira was finally off-duty…sorta. Truthfully, I should go to bed, she thought as she left MedLab. With the shuttles’ return, Dr Evers and Dr Brannon were both back in MedLab with their patients. Mr Cater had just arrived also and practically glared Dr Trassano out of the area. I have been on-duty for a double shift, now, and even I need to sleep. But, I simply can’t NOT be there.

She only popped into her quarters long enough to clean-up and change into something more festive. As a last duty, she checked her head. Mira ran her hand over her smooth skalp and decided that she could go another week without depilliating. I wonder if I should shave off this lock, too, Mira pondered as she rebraided the single knot of brown hair. She sighed, maybe, not yet. Finally, with one last glance into the mirror, she trotted out the door with her largest bottle of brevari tucked under her arm.

On the Observation Deck, everyone was running around madly to get the last of the preparations finished before people began to arrive. Mira gave the brevari to the bartender in the alcohol room. Then she went around, making sure that everything looked right and hoping that she had planned this well enough to work. Mother would die of shame if I blundered this. Mira helped to set up another intimate grouping of chairs. But, Father would laugh and tell me about some party blunder of his own. Mira smiled to herself and checked the time. It was five minutes after the hour.

“Time to open the doors!” she announced loudly to the room at large. “Before we begin, I would like to thank all of you. I wouldn’t have been able to have even tried to do this alone. Thank you. We are doing a good thing and this shall help us all to heal a little bit.” To the sound of general agreement, the main doors to the Observation Dome were opened. People were already coming up the hall, driven by curiosity or the simple need to feel alive. Within the hour, the party was in full swing and people were laughing freely for the first time in a great while.

Mira stood back and basked in the pride of accomplishment for a moment. She didn’t feel tired at all. Well, it appears that I have inherited Mother’s ability after all. She glanced around and noticed that there weren’t too many medical personnel in attendance. I’m not at all tired. I must have hit my second wind. Or maybe, it has something to do with sustained sobriety. She chuckled and nodded to herself as she put down her glass of juice. Well, time to get my MedLab to relax and play. They’ve had time enough to deal with our new ‘guests.’ But, I may still have to get nasty to get those assistants of mine out of there. The Centuari grinned. After all, a doctor who does not play, doesn’t last too long. With a purposeful stride Mira left the Wake and headed to MedLab, prepared to do battle.

Copyright (c) 1998 Mona Hinds. All rights reserved.

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