Ad Nauseam

Characters: Dylan Shaver

Sit. Stand. Fall. You always end up in the same place, for you never move.

It was time. Time to begin, time to end, time to live, time to die- it didn’t matter, because all time had just as many endings as it did beginnings. Everything begins with the same allocation of time as does the ending. And it all happens at once.

The latter being the hardest to grasp of those concepts, it shouldn’t be worried about- yet.

‘It’s time,’ Shaver thought, looking at the clock on his desk, ‘For me to get acquainted with this Captain of ours, Bob.’

Bob looked at him funnily, and didn’t move. Then fell asleep.

Shaver kept staring, “Time.”

Bob slept.

Time was 09:42, place was still Shaver’s office.

Time. Time. Time. Time. It kept existing, and Shaver was getting bored of Time, it all happened in time, after time, before time, and least importantly, currently. It happened now. In the present-time. The least important of all frames of time. Because the present is not the future. It’s the present. It happens after everything else, but before anything else. That leaves for much boredom throughout the universe.

Time was about to collapse.

Shaver’s clock reset itself, and it was then flashing as 00:10.

Shocking as it was, Shaver didn’t do anything. He was expecting something reasonably stupid to happen when he was watching the time, and that was it. He shut his eyes, and held his breath. Then, slowly releasing the breath, he peered to the clock again- it read 09:43. A hallucination, surely. Or a memory long since put down- either of which not a pleasant occurrence.

It was no time for pleasantries, however.

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