Aftermath Cleanup

Characters: Katia Santiago

Engineering reigned with a chaos like Katia had never before seen in all her months on the Phoenix. Pieces of the Main console seemed to be accordianed with the Engine superstructure and bodies lay everywhere. Some moving, and some not. A few of her staff had managed to find their equilibrium once again and were moving about trying to find a way to stabilize the ship. Some were trying to help a few of the more badly injured as they lay almost motionless on the deck.

Katia moved slowly through the mess, doing her best to analyze the situation before she trusted her voice to give any orders. As she moved toward the main console, she stopped shorty of tripping over Koran, another of the Engineers. She leaned over, reaching down with her left hand and closed the sightless eyes that stared up at her with disbelieving shock. Her right shoulder screamed out in agony at the sudden movement, and Katia couldn’t help but to gasp as the pain overtook her for a moment.

As she stood up, she noticed that all those moving had stopped to stare at her, many in a wide-eyed shock as if in a daze. They were waiting for her orders. They needed direction, and someone to tell them just where to move next. It was a common occurrence after such a tragedy, those blank stares, but Katia needed to combat that with everything they had, they did have work to do. The anger at Kordieh just brewed inside of her and bloomed fresh once again as she stared back into those eyes.

With a deep breath, she began giving orders, motioning with her left arm to emphasize what she was saying, “Thomas and Pakor get the injured over by my office door and tend to them as much as possible until Medical gets here. Stephen and Mark, I need you to clear away the dead and move them into that back corner so we have to have room to work in here. Martin, I need a report within the next five minutes, include a status of the self-repairing systems. If we lose those, we will be dead. Nerin, contact Medlab, let them know our status, and make sure they get someone down here asap. If we can’t get as many people back on their feet as quickly as possible, we may not have the staffing to fix the ship. The rest of you, I need you to begin working the areas we have set up for emergency management. We can do this, and get the Phoenix on her feet, but we have work together.”

She moved over to the main console, trying to get some idea of the severity of the ships injuries as her staff began moving off into their separate directions, to fulfill her orders. Her right shoulder felt as if someone were taking a knife and jamming it over and over again into the socket, but for now, the Chief Engineer did her best to ignore the pain and concentrate on the ship. Her injury was secondary to that the ship had experienced. If she really tried, it was almost as if she could feel it dying around her. It was not something that she wanted to contemplate, but if her staff couldn’t get the ship back, then they were all dead in the water.

The main superstructure had taken a massive blow, and the hull had been breached or was nonexistent in several places. The membrane of the hull had been ripped apart and was having a hard time connecting and covering the places where the ships hull had been breached. There was no way it could even begin to handle the large, gaping hole in the upper decks. Power all over the ship was out, with few exceptions. The Engines were straining to try to stay running, and Katia wasn’t going to let the little power they did have die only to have to do a cold start out here in the middle of space. The ship wasn’t looking good, and it was only a matter of time until she died completely if they didn’t get to work.

Martin came over with a padd and handed it over to the Chief, glancing down at her arm before saying, “You need Medical here too.”

“No, I will be fine for now. We have to get her stabilized before I try to worry about me,” Katia responded, denying she needed any help, but knowing it would come to that soon enough. She glanced over the report verifying her initial assessment of the situation. It looked grim at best, but it could be done.

“Okay, everyone. Here is the situation. We have to get the ships systems back on-line at least working marginal at this point. Life Support has been lost on several decks, and the self-repairing systems aren’t functioning properly. That is where we will focus our attention first. Also, we need to make sure power stays up for Medlab, I know they are going to need it. Next, we need to reroute all main systems through the reclamation systems throughout the lower decks. That should at least buy us some time to begin repairing the other less essential systems. Until we hear different from the Captain, that is where we are going to focus our attentions. If we need to alter those plans at a later time, then we can worry about that then,” she ordered, knowing things would change as soon as they heard from the Bridge. She paused and then asked, “Everyone understand their jobs?” When they nodded, she finished, “I know this is a frightening situation, but I have faith in all of you. We will get through this alive.”

Katia turned back to the main console and began working on the power and engine manifolds, if she could just keep them hot, then the power could be rerouted easily. As she worked, the more her anger stewed and grew inside of her, blooming into a hot rage at the man who had created such destruction and death. Her ship, the crew, everyone was in danger of dying all because some lunatic had betrayed them in the worst possible way, and that was not something she intended to let go lightly. But, that was something for later, at the moment, she had her hands full trying to get the ship live.

Copyright (c) 1998 Tamara Friese. All rights reserved.

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