All Work and No Play (Makes the Centauri Grumble)

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano … harassing her staff

At 2300, the Wake was sliding over it’s hump and Mira stood back and basked in the pride of accomplishment for a moment. She didn’t feel tired at all. Well, it appears that I have inherited Mother’s ability after all. She glanced around and noticed that there weren’t too many medical personnel in attendance anymore. I’m not at all tired. I must have hit my second wind. Or maybe, it has something to do with sustained sobriety. She chuckled and nodded to herself as she put down her glass of juice. Well, time to get my MedLab to relax and play. They’ve had time enough to deal with our new ‘guests.’ But, I may still have to get nasty to get those assistants of mine out of there. The Centauri grinned. After all, a doctor who does not play, doesn’t last too long. I think the Humans have a similar saying. With a purposeful stride Mira left the Wake and headed to MedLab, prepared to do battle. On her way out, she noticed two faces that didn’t seem to be as happy as they should have been. The good doctor filed that information away for later inspection and possible use.

At 2302, Mira walked into MedLab like a general. Her knot of hair was braided and bound into a bun with some sparkly webbing. She wore a cream and green Centauri gown with a low neckline and a surprisingly slim skirt. She had never liked the hooped or bustled skirts and, since she very rarely met another Centauri, she ignored fashion by wearing what she pleased. When she wasn’t wearing standard Ranger-wear, of course. Or her doctor’s scrubs. Or nothing at all. Pausing in the doorway, Mira surveyed her domain and spotted her two assistants. Just as I suspected, they are BOTH still here. The doctor snorted indelicately to herself.

“Everyone,” Mira said loudly, causing every head to snap up. There were a few faces that had just returned from the Wake and had an inkling of what she was going to say. She could tell by their smiles. Mira frowned deeply at the others, trying very hard to control her own smile. “I do believe I shall have to remind you that it is a grave insult…a veritable slap to my face…for subordinates to not attend a party given by a superior. In fact, there is very little else that you could do to a Centauri that is more insulting than choosing to work instead of attending their party.”

Many mouths opened to protest and Mira stopped them by holding up her hand. “No, no. I will hear no excuses! The only thing for you to do now is to leave immediately and at least pretend to attend the Wake. I have a very good visual memory and the faces I have already seen there are, of course allowed to remain. But the rest of you,” she gave the room a scathing glare, “get out.” She regally walked into the office to put on her lab coat. Mira called over her shoulder, “I expect to get many compliments for my party-planning skills when next I see you.”

Emerging a moment later, the MedLab was deserted by all but a few. Trassano smiled to see that her good assistants had also taken a hint and removed themselves. She requested the computer play a soft medley of Centauri opera to the muted groans of her nurses. Laughing, the Centauri accused them, “You lot obviously do know good music from the screeching caterwaul of a Human duck. I do this for your own good.” Nodding and chuckling to herself and the few remaining nurses, she settled done at the central desk to go over the reports on her new ‘guests’. Pushing all thoughts but medical ones out of her mind, Mira concentrated on the information presented by the screens in front of her. She was soon so involved that she didn’t notice the slight shift of the ship that signaled it’s entrance into hyperspace.

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