An Entry Into a Book of Memories

Characters: Cat Rosha

Cat sat down in the middle of her quarters and took out a leather bound book. She had been writing in that book for years, but hadn’t put her hands on the book since came aboard. She figured it was a good time to start..

“Year 10, Day 49: I haven’t written in this for a while so here’s what has been happening so far, I just got assigned aboard a ship named the Phoenix, came aboard as Storm Squadron Leader. Me! A Leader! Who would have Imagined? Well, everyone here seems nice, as usual I haven’t tried to make any friends, but they’ve found me! Brenda, Eddie and the other fighter pilots all are very friendly. That makes it a lot easier for me. I haven’t met many other people on board, but they seem very nice when I pass them in the corridor. The Phoenix is a beautiful ship, and better than any I’ve been on before. I now like to take walks around and watch the stars in the observation dome. Well I better go, I’m getting hungry.”

With that, Cat closed the book and hid it once again. Then she got up and walked down to the mess area for some food.

Phoenix–“An entry into a book of memories” © 2003 Catie Dwinal

Babylon 5 TM and © 2003 Warner Bros.

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