An Introduction

Characters: Cat Rosha

Cat was sitting in her quarters meditating when the StellarCom came on.

“Cat I need to see you right away.” It was Dayslan, her teacher.

“Yes,” she replied, then Cat got up from the mat she was sitting on and walked down to Dayslan’s quarters. When she got there Dayslan seemed a bit upset.

“What it is?” She asked quietly.

“You’ve been assigned to a ship called the Phoenix as one of the pilots for the fighters” Dayslan answered.

“How can that be bad?” Cat asked.

“Well I know your Piloting skills are way above average, but.. I’m not so sure about your people skills” Dayslan answered.

Cat smiled and said, “I think I can manage”

“You were always one of the brave ones.” Dayslan smiled.

Then they both said good-bye and bowed, then Cat went back to her quarters to pack and get ready.

Copyright (c) 2002 Catie Dwinal. All rights reserved.


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