An Unwanted Snooze

Characters: Robert Evers

Bobby spun about in Dr. Trassano’s chair, slumped back and lazily changed from watching the clock to watching medlab. He blinked twice before realizing what it was he saw. One of the intensive care patients was getting up. The figure sat up on his biobed, then hopped down to the floor.

Sleepily, but urgently, Bobby stood to check out the situation. He followed the dark outline of a Minbari boneplate on the patient’s head, trying to calculate which patient could possibly be in this condition. Nothing came to mind as he watched the Minbari turn to face him.

“H, h, hey!” Bobby shouted to the former comatose patient, not a thought coming to his head as to what to do.

“Be quiet, Bobby,” the Minbari male said coolly to him.

A strange feeling of calm and peace transcended over Bobby’s body as he slumped to the floor. He sighed restfully and watched the Minbari turn and walk out of medlab. The main doors swished shut behind the Minbari, and a few moments later the sleep-like state that had covered Bobby released its grip. He shook his head, waking and quickly remembering everything that had transpired.

“Doctor Trassano,” Bobby shouted as he tapped his communicator. “Doctor, I think you’d better get to medlab right away.”

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