Characters: G’ren

G’ren walked down the corridor in the Security department, still terrified by the ships size. It was huge. Extremely huge. The WS 39 was much smaller than the Phoenix, and G’ren had to search for an entire hour before he finally found the main Security office. With his Ka’Tok on his back and his PPG in his belt, he stepped down the corridor leading to the Main Security Office.

Inside the office he found one of the low-ranked security personnel, a young Human female, sitting down at the desk and watching the security screens.

“Excuse me,” he asked her “Where can I find the Security chief?”

“ahh… he is down on the planet, taking part in one of the away teams.” she replied.

“That means that I have to run Security until he will return. I’m Ensign G’ren, Security assistant.”

“I’m Karina Alenova, security worker.” She said, trying to smile at the large Narn.

“So, Ensign Alenova, can you tell me what’s the status in security?”

“We are low in personnel, due to the away teams. Many crew members from other department are also there, so we are trying to keep security on board while most of the crew member are down on the planet. It’s hard since we have limited personnel. ”

Damn it, he thought. we are in a tactical disadvantage. G’ren remembered one of his first lessons in the Narn ground forces academy – the Enemy will exploit any weakness you have.

“It’s possible that someone will try to sabotage or attack our ship while we lack personnel. Try to arrange patrols in all decks, and watch the screens carefully.”

“Yes Sir” replied Alenova and started contacting the Security personnel all around the vessel.

G’ren sat in the main security chair and started watching the panels, watching for anything unusual.

At that moment he wanted to be in the Lounge, drinking some Tagree and having a conversation with someone, but he knew he had a job to do. A hard one. Keeping up security while most of the Security personnel were down on a planet was a hard job, and he knew it very good.

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