Back To the Stars

Characters: Yuval Kirovski

“I’ve decided.”

Yuval heard a soft voice streaming through his dreams like cold, pure water. Opening his eyes, he saw Lena sitting next to him, her pale skin shining in the sunlight. “What time it is?” he asked her, still a bit sleepy as his mind slipped out of a dark dream.

“Almost 9:30 AM” she answered softly.

“Hell! I never thought that I could sleep so much.”

“You needed it. Being an Anla’Shok like you is not an easy job.”

“What you do in your life is much harder.”

“I’ve decided to change this.”

“What do you mean in ‘changing this’?”

“I made up my mind to take a ship to Minbar, and offer my skills to the Anla’Shok.”

“But when I spoke to you last evening, you weren’t very eager to leave your current life.”

“I’ve thought about it all the night. My life here will be never the same anymore. during the civil war I’ve acquired new friends… but more new enemies. Sooner or later, they will take thier revenge on me. If I stay here, I’ll have to live in fear of whatever lurks behind the next corner… the Anla’Shok are the only hope I have. I’ve packed my belongings… the few things I’ve ever had. After we’ll eat our breakfast, I’ll take my shuttle to Minbar and you’ll take yours to your WhiteStar. And then… just hope that we’ll meet again.” She said and smiled at him.

Smiling back, Yuval got up and approached the breakfast table.

Four hours later, Anla’Shok crew transport shuttle, en route to the WhiteStar

With tears in his eyes, Yuval watched Lena through as she waved to him. Moments later, the shuttle took off towards it’s destination. Behind Yuval lay only the darkness of his past… and in front of him probably just fire and pain. Working on a major Anla’Shok vessel wasn’t a safe job at all: Drakh ships lurked in the darkness of space like wolves waiting for their prey; Rogue EarthForce ships previously loyal to President Clark floated among the stars; Remnants of Shadow and vorlon technology was about to fall into the wrong hands… And always the Anla’Shok will have to deal with these troubles. Fire and darkness lied ahead of Yuval Kirevski… and an assignment aboard the Phoenix.

(C) 1999 Omer Joel. All rights reserved.

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