Characters: Dr. Kim Matsumoto, Tylo Narsh, Anakin Solo

Captain’s Office

Tylo scratched his stubbly chin, and closed his eyes, trying to escape once again into sleep. It had been a long time since he had an undisturbed night. It was starting to effect his life and his ability to command. The meetings he had been through today were more than he could handle.

The Captain tapped his comm and called to the current bridge officer, “George, if anyone comes through there to see me, don’t let them in. I need a break. A nice long siesta. Gracias.

Deck 10, Crew Quarters

Anakin Solo walked down the hall, not knowing what he would find. Tylo had said that he should meet Kim and check her out. He only wished that he had some more experience in this department besides his own telepathic life. Anakin had never tried to teach anyone how to use their powers. Ironheart had taught him everything he knew. Someone else should teach this woman how to use her powers, someone qualified.

Quickly he made his way to her room and was about to ring the bell when the door opened. Kim walked right through and right into Anakin.

“Aah!” Kim squawked in alarm and reeled back against the now-confused door. She was having that kind of effect today. She stepped around the startled young man and cleared her throat, trying to sound normal. “I’m certainly awake now, if that was your goal,” she quipped. “You are. . . ?”

“Anakin Solo,” he offered, smiling slightly. He held out his hand. “I’m — “

“A telepath!” Kim gasped, dropping his hand like it burned barely a second after touching it. She took a wary step away down the hall, brows furrowed. First this mess with 090 and now this. That he was even on the ship, and appeared to be a Ranger should have been enough to satisfy any suspicions, but she wasn’t having a very good day. Or month for that matter.

“Yep, that’s me. Your 100% grade A telepath. I was wondering if we could talk. I’d like to show you a few things, teach you a little bit about your abilities,” Anakin said with a smile.

“I’m sorry, but I have to go speak to the captain. Maybe later,” she said abruptly and turned away, walking quickly toward the lifts. She didn’t even listen to what he had to say.

Anakin hurried to catch up and paced alongside. “I believe he’s off duty.”

“I know. He isn’t answering his comm. But, it’s important.”

“Isn’t it alw– ” He frowned, stopping. Something was up. “Is this about the missing crewman? 090?” When she glared, proving that was exactly what she had on her mind, he countered with a question, “Do you really think you are the only telepath to have reason to hate PsiCorps?”

Kim stepped into the lift and he followed. She sighed, loud in the small space. “All right. Sorry.” She hesitated another moment, considering, then said, “090 just sent me a message. No origination code, no nothing, except telling me to go to Valnaria 4 and meet him there.”

“A trap.”

“Yeah. Looks like PsiCorp knows I exist.” She swallowed, uneasy. “Anyway, the Captain needs to know. If we do it right, maybe we can get him back.” And then there was the Commander and Margaret. Were they prisoners as well? Damnit Meg, I hope you’re all right.

Anakin nodded. “Bridge Officer will be able to get through to him.” He smiled crookedly. “But I think we’ll learn some interesting Spanish in the process.”

A reluctant smile crept up her face. “A good vocabulary of swear words is always useful,” she joked in returned.

Captain’s Office

The snoring was loud enough to be heard on the bridge, but nobody seemed to pay any attention to it. Tylo moved about a bit, knocking PADDs and other items off of his desk. “No es bueno . . . No, no . . .

Outside the bridge officer was running out of options, and his voice soon chimed in to wake the Captain. “Captain Narsh, Dr. Matsumoto and an Anakin Solo want to see you. I’ve tried to get rid of them, but they won’t go.”

Anakin’s voice filled the comm, knowing that the bridge officer would get no response. “TYLO!! WAKE UP TIME!!”

His arms flew out knocking even more things from his desk as Tylo sat stright up in his seat. “Holy– Anakin, what are you doing? Wait a sec, what was I doing? Anyway, I suppose you want in.” Tylo tapped the door control, unlocking it and allowing the two Ranger Telepaths to enter.

Kim stepped into the office warily. Maybe this Solo person had the leeway to bellow the Captain awake, but she was still a junior officer. And Narsh looked like hell, besides.

Hola, besitas. How nice of you to visit,” the Captain said, his robotic eye and brain trying to focus in unison, a very hard feat when he’s this tired.

“Captain, sorry to disturb you, but I got a message from 090 you need to see,” she said and moved to the wall vidcomm unit. She slotted the data crystal she’d recorded it on and keyed it up to play.

090’s worn face appeared. There was nothing to see behind him but grey walls and no other sounds but his voice. Dully he told her to come to Valnaria 4 to meet him. Not much more than that.

“The thing that bothers me most about the trap is it seems so obvious,” Kim said when the message played through. “PsiCorps is cleverer than that, surely. They can’t think I’m stupid enough to just walk in alone. So what do they still have up their sleeve? And what to do about it?”

Anakin laughed and looked at Kim. “You have severely overestimated the Corps. If I could hide from them for years they have got to be having a little trouble in the good ol’ cranium.”

Rubbing his face and wiping sleep from his eyes the Captain surveyed his officers and their comments. “No, I think they really do have something planned this time. And I’ll bet they are expecting to overpower us.” A sleek smile formed on Tylo’s face as he spoke. “Let’s let them think that we’ve fallen for it. Solo and Kim, I want you to take the Minbari Flyer we’ve got, Valen, and go to this meeting. The Phoenix will come to assist you as soon as we figure out what they have waiting. We’ll be in hyperspace right behind you. I just want to see if I can pick up Dylan and Morgan. I got a message that they are on Mars. It may take a little while to get them, so don’t go to the meeting full speed. Slack off a little, you’re good at the Solo.”

“Yes, Tylo, you’re not the first one to say that,” Anakin responded with a smile.

Kim couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You mean that me and Anakin, just the two of us, are going to go running into this trap alone. Brilliant.”

She couldn’t quite believe what she just said, either.

“Matsumoto, I’ve just arranged for you to be flown into this mission by the best pilot in the universe,” Tylo said. “You don’t have anything to worry about.”

“Just who is this?” Kim asked warily.

A small, innocent wave came from Anakin, “Hi, nice to meet you. Anakin Solo. If it has wings, I can fly it, or at least try. . .” he said with a mock frown.

If he starts rhyming, I am going to space him, she thought and half-hoped he heard it.

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