Catching Some Z’s

Characters: Tylo Narsh

“Alright then, crew dismissed. If you need any extra personnel, they are at your disposal. I’ll see you all in the main docking bay in a few hours,” Tylo said as his command officers stood and filed out of the meeting room. Tylo stayed for a moment, shutting off all the computers and organizing his information. “I hope that this goes as good as the papers say it should. We would be in un muy mal position if anything goes wrong down there. Leaving the Phoenix up here without most of her command crew would normally be suicide, but hopefully they can avoid any confrontations with other ships while we are on the planet. If not, then we’re all screwed.”

A yawn crept up on Tylo as he looked over the last verified information on the area they were going to be approaching. He hadn’t had one bit of good solid sleep since the nightmares began. That had been many weeks ago. “Two hours? It might be my only chance for sleep until I get back to the Phoenix. Better now than later,” he said with a sigh, knowing that he should be working on the specifics of the mission but needing sleep more than anything else.

Tylo gathered up his files and left the conference room, headed for the nearest lift, and was on his way to his quarters. He quickly made his way there, a constant glare turning away a few officers that had tried to approach him about different things. He didn’t like to come off as the “big, tough, and angry” type of captain, but with the amount of sleep Tylo was running on, he didn’t really care about that right now.

His dark and dismal quarters welcomed him, just the way an empty and unused room should. He tossed his papers on the coffee table as he passed it on his way to the bedroom. Tylo didn’t even take the time to change out of his uniform, he simply collapsed on the bed, barely having the effort left in him to tell the computer what time to wake him. For once, the captain slept untroubled.

An hour and a half later Tylo grudgingly woke from his slumber. It was the most relaxing and rewarding time he had had in a long while. He wasn’t fully refreshed, not even near to that point, but it was better than nothing. “Now… Now the real work begins.”

“Conn, how long until we exit hyperspace and arrive at Minbar?” he called to the bridge over the comm.

“We are about to jump into the system right now, Sir. Shall I hold?” the officer replied. This was the same officer that would be stuck holding down the fort while everybody was gone. A job that Tylo wouldn’t have enjoyed being assigned.

“No, go ahead. I want all tactical information on the area and the planet routed to my quarters as soon as it comes in, I’ve got some work to do.”

“Aye, Sir. I’ll do that,” the bridge officer responded. “And good luck with your mission.”

“The same to you,” Tylo replied. He walked to the main room and his desk, sitting down at it and turning on his computer terminal. He watched as the ship exited hyperspace and entered the Minbari solar system. The sensors showed all other ships to be on the far side of the planet as was expected, and the Phoenix slowly crept into its position hiding behind Minbar.

The sensors soon began receiving information on the planet itself and what remained of the areas he had been planning on sending people into. They all looked exactly as his reports had showed, which scared the captain. “Some thing must have changed since then. Someone should be advancing an army, not just both sides bombing each other out from a distance.”

What the captain believe right now didn’t really matter, since he was faced with the facts of the situation and they couldn’t be denied. All of the preliminary plans were a go, nothing needing to be redrawn to accommodate a change in the environment on Minbar. “This is too easy,” Tylo remarked to himself.

He loaded the plans into three data crystals, one for each team, and left his quarters. The ride to the docking bay was short and quiet, the walk down the hall the same.

Most of the officers that were going on this mission were immediately in sight, waiting outside their assigned transports. He walked to Dylan first, handed him the data crystal for his team, exchanged a wish of good luck, and moved on. He walked to Kim, Katia, and Margaret’s shuttle and entered through the hatch. He went with the same procedure he had with Dylan and soon left them to finish prepping.

Solo and Darquin were waiting for the captain as he exited the shuttle, eager to find out what was waiting for them. “Come on guys, I’ll explain on the ride down. Let’s just make sure that everything is ready to go. I want to get this over with as much as you do.”

“Yes, Sir,” the chief of security replied, as he grabbed a bundle of supplies for their mission and entered the shuttle. Solo and Tylo did the same, loading up a few miscellaneous items that could come in handy when away from the Phoenix.

As soon as the loading was done, the three men buckled into the shuttle, Darquin and Solo at the controls, and waited for the escort to launch. “Ready or not, here we come,” Solo said as they watched one of the shuttles launch for Minbar.

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