Catching Up

Characters: Terry Hale, Jordan Toussaint

“Can I come in?”

Terry glanced up from her vid screen to the open door of her office. Hyperspace travel was making for a pleasantly quiet day, and she’d left the door open to the bridge, formalities eased. Not that protocol mattered very much to the man standing there.

At her smile, Jordan stepped inside her office, stopping in front of her desk. He glanced curiously to see what she was up to. The idle screen of the comm system was still up. “Making some calls home?”

“Yeah. My mailbox got pretty full ever since our activities became ISN worthy. Just letting everyone know I’m all right.”

“You… talk to your ex, too?” Jordan said it with the wariness of one uncertain if it was still a bad subject for her, or going to become one for him.

“Warren wasn’t in. Out of town message on his computer, so I left a message.” Terry sighed and stretched, leaned back in her chair. She waved him to the other chair. “Have to admit I’m sort of relieved. Not quite past the uncomfortable stage. Anyway. What brings you up here?”

Jordan accepted the seat and the change in conversation gracefully. “Actual work, believe it or not.” Jordan brought up the data pad dangling at his side. “I’m going around making up a wish list for work on the ship while we’re in dock. Just caught Morgan to talk about the situation with weapons.”

“The situation being that she hasn’t got enough hands for all the controls if we get in a serious confrontation. I’ve heard.”

Jordan nodded. “It’s looking like we’re going to have to go for a tactical chamber after all, at least as an option for combat situations. You just aren’t going to get every angle standing in front of a push button console.”

“But that brings up the problems with the chamber again. The amount of physical exertion needed may be fine for the smaller ships I’ve seen them installed on, but on this thing it’s going to be more than a workout.”

“I know. Accuracy would degrade too quickly. “‘There isn’t enough caffeine on this ship to keep me moving fast enough,’ is how Morgan just put it,” Jordan said with a quirked smile. “I have to agree. It’d kill the advantages of having that kind of visual access to the battlefield. We’ll have to see what other options we’ve got. There’s never just one way to do it.”

Terry smiled. “You’re right, and it looks like you’re covering it. Sorry to stomp.”

“No worries. It’s your job to keep on things.”

Terry felt strange for a moment. The last time she’d actually worked with Jordan, it was on the same level. Neither of them was responsible for the final call on decisions. She shook the feeling off. It was just another thing to get used to. “So who are you off to hunt down next for your wish list?”

“Probably … Yoshino?” He was still working at holding on to all the passing names and faces. “I’m pretty sure Operations is going to have something for me. But before I go, I still haven’t gotten anything from you.”

“Ah. Hm… Well, aside from the tactical. I guess the only thing that’s stuck in my mind lately is medical,” Terry said. “We’re getting a pretty diverse crowd now, and a good chance we’ll be seeing even more as we continue. But I’m not a doctor. Make sure you find out if there’s any equipment installations Doctor Trassano would like or need to have to supplement the restocking.”

“Will do. I should probably get any of those orders called ahead too, so we’re not waiting on parts. Medical construction isn’t like ordering conduit.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Well I think I’ve got my work cut out for me for the next few hours,” Jordan stood. “Catch you later on?”

“Of course,” Terry replied immediately.

Copyright (c) 2002 Alida Saxon. All rights reserved.

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