Characters: Katia Santiago

The emotions of excitement washed over Katia as she stepped into Engineering. It was more of a party atmosphere then it was a true work environment, but somehow, it seemed was was being accomplished amidst the varied discussions about the war finally being over back on Earth. All working there had a stake in the outcome one way or another, and all were glad to see it end.

The Chief Engineer entered and glanced around, excited herself to see that all the work and effort she had put into the battle for so long in her endeavors with William had finally come to fruition. They had won. Even if neither had been there to witness it, in the end, it all meant the same thing. The work they had started, and that others had continued was at an end, and their planet was once again a free planet.

A couple of the Engineers stopped and grinned as she entered and she couldn’t help but grin back. It was definitely a joyous time on the Phoenix, and many other places around the universe, she couldn’t help but grin like a mad-woman. It was a time of celebration. Yoshino had been right, work would get done today, but everyone would go about it with an uplifted spirit, knowing that good had triumphed yet again.

Katia turned and walked into her office, letting the door close behind her. She was excited, yet at the same time, new concerns now weighed on her heart. With the ISN feed reporting Earth’s freedom, a report had come down that troops were pulling out of Mars. It looked as if she too was on her way to being a free state as well, for the first time in her history. That opened up new possibilities as the retrieval of her daughters became an ever-present, very imminent possibility. How the freeing of Mars would affect Psi Corps and the fate of Syria Planum would be a topic of great debate, she knew. If the decided to relocate the Corps headquarters back on Earth, Katia knew her chances of getting her daughters back would turn from improbable to nearly impossible. The realization that she had to move fast flowed over her and caused her to have a heavy heart even during this time of great joy.

She paced around her desk and sat down, glancing at the computer in front of her. Only a few calls to get the ball rolling, and she could be on her way to finding out how she could get the job done. Katia didn’t delude herself into thinking she was the worlds greatest tactician, but she still knew a few people within the Military who were, and who knew what she needed to get the job done.

“Computer, I need you to begin a search of all records, public and private. As well as Earthforce records, authorization code, Santiago Delta Five Two Five Edward,” she began, hoping beyond hope that those back in Earthgov had forgotten to delete her Uncle’s codes from the main computer. With his death, there truly had been no reason to worry they could be used again. She began typing in routing codes and a backdoor program that would, hopefully get the Phoenix computer in undetected. “I need to find the location of the EAS Alexander, and more specifically a Major Edward Ryan. I need to know if he survived or if he perished with the rest of the casualties. Notify me the instant and answer comes in.”

“Acknowledged,” the computer responded and Katia could almost imagine the fuss she would be creating back on Earth if someone actually noticed the codes being used.

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