Cat Rosha

Identity: Cat Rosha

Species: Human

Gender: Female

DOB: July 17th, 2234 (Approx. 29 yrs. old)

POB: Mississippi, USA

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 154 lbs

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Physical Condition: very good

Marital Status: single

Children: none

Position: pilot, Storm One

Current Vessel: ISA Phoenix

Parents: Trini Rosha, Kevin Rosha

Siblings: None

Cat is a gentle woman most of the time, knows right from wrong and will never change her mind if she is positive she is right. She lived in Mississippi for a while, her father worked as a restaurant owner while her mother waited tables at her father’s restaurant. They lived in a big apartment over the restaurant where Cat spent most of her time when she little.

When Cat was about 10, there was a break-in in the restaurant and both her parents were shot and died about a week later. Cat was moved to an orphanage in the next town where she lived for a couple of years until she was old enough to join Earth Force. After a while she ran away to find the First Ones because she was really interested in finding them but she failed and came back to join the Rangers. After she joined she excelled in the Tactical area and was sent to the Phoenix to pilot Storm One.

Cat can be very shy but she does have them ability to make friends, she also hopes that someday, somewhere she’ll find the First Ones and fulfill a life long dream.