Dunstan Kordieh

Identity: Dunstan Andrew Kordieh

Species: Human

Gender: Male

DOB: September 20, 2227

POB: Lyon, France, Earth

Height: 1.9 m (6’3″)

Weight: 82 kg (180 lb.)

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Dark grey

Physical Condition: Average

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Position: Medlab trainee

Current Vessel: ISA Phoenix

Parents: Ulan and Marcella Kordieh (both deceased)

Siblings: Lucius Matthew Kordieh (twin, deceased)


Dunstan Kordieh was the elder (by a few minutes) of identical twins, and the trauma of being separated from his brother at that moment never quite left him. Through childhood, adolescence and early adulthood, the brothers were very close to one another, following similar interests and career paths – though Lucius was always the more outgoing and Dunstan the more withdrawn of the pair.

Lucius, sensing his brother’s growing obsession but fearing it, sought to establish his independence by joining Earthforce as a ship’s engineer – a job which was much in demand in the years of rebuilding following the Earth-Minbari War. Dunstan soon followed, and followed again when Lucius joined the Rangers.

Dunstan’s delusion – that he and his brother were one being, not two – had already been aggravated during the times Lucius was away from him. When Lucius, aboard the White Star 24, journeyed into Vorlon space and perished there, the delusion degenerated into psychosis. Dunstan used his skills to sabotage the Phoenix and nearly destroyed her and her crew.

A time jump into his future – as a new father – shattered the delusions that formed Dunstan’s entire world, and he spent a short period catatonic. With the help of Katia Santiago – who had originally entered his traumatized mind to kill him – he emerged from the catatonic state and was compelled to cope with the knowledge and consequences of the crimes he committed.

Now sane, but tortured by grief, guilt and depression, Dunstan was stripped of membership in the Anla’shok and sent back to Minbar. There, the Ranger elders set him to work rebuilding a Minbari mah’uzeed, hoping to rebuild his mind and soul as well as the meditation artifact.


Thanks to the Day of the Dead and intervention by a Brakiri Anla’shok trainee, Dunstan was able to speak again with his dead twin and was given what he had thought unattainable — the forgiveness of those who died by his hand. This has filled him with new hope that someday, he will be able to truly gain redemption.


Dunstan grew up in France and still speaks that language, as well as being reasonably fluent in the principal Minbari languages and, thanks to his association with Anla’shok trainee G’fen, Narn. He has found great joy in the rebuilding of the mah’uzeed, and is also discovering the magic and beauty to be found in poetry.