Margaret Morgan

Shok'na'li Margaret Morgan. Art by Angela Tygerson Ross.

Shok’na’li Margaret Morgan. Art by Angela Tygerson Ross.

Identity: Margaret Barrie Morgan

Species: Human

Gender: Female

DOB/Age: (33 years old)

POB: Europa

Height: 5’7″

Weight: You really do want to get hit, don’t you? (140 lbs)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Physical Condition: Very Good

Marital Status: Widowed

Children: None

Current Rank: Commander

Position: XO, Tactical

Current Vessel: ISA Phoenix

Parents: Charles Morgan, Elora Morgan

Siblings: Caron Morgan (deceased)


Margaret was born on Europa, but her earliest memories are of Orion 3. Most of her childhood was depressingly average, even down to an annoying little sister, except that the household was bilingual. She has described her two languages as representing the two halves of her: English her mind, and Cymraeg her soul. A bright enough student, she took an early interest in both literature and history, but never managed to make top grades. She was a bit aimless, never quite latching onto something to do for life.

Then the war came.

She spent eight months after she turned 17 convincing her parents to sign for her entry into EarthForce. She wanted to be a volunteer, not a draftee. Somewhere along the line she had latched onto the concept of Defensor Hominum and internalized it. They finally did, and she entered Basic Training with enthusiasm. Weapons Specialist Morgan went to meet her ship, the EAS Boyington, only to find it had left without her, for the Battle of the Line. The grand old ship went down, leaving only three survivors, and, in Margaret, a vague sense of being left out. She wasn’t interested in fame, or glory, or even revenge, and it was quite likely she would have died at the Line, but she felt like she had missed her chance to do *something*.

One of the sources of great pride for the Morgans has been that no member of the family had set foot on Earth in over a hundred years. Until this generation. Margaret was forgiven for doing so, because of the war, but not for choosing to remain in EarthForce afterwards. Her sister moved to Earth in 2250, to settle in the family’s ancestral home: Caernarfon, Wales. The family called them both twp — “touched”.

Her real reason for remaining in EarthForce, though she won’t admit it, rarely even to herself — she fell in love with space. No matter how long she stays dirtside, it calls her back. Most of her EF postings were on patrol ships in deep space. She slogged her way through the enlisted ranks by being efficient, precise, and single-minded. She also acquired a string of nicknames, mostly unflattering from people who misconstrued her introversion and reserve for unfriendliness or worse. She only made a few friends in EF, including a female pilot about her own age, now XO on a high- profile station, whom Margaret convinced into teaching her how to fly a ‘Fury.

In 2259, Petty Officer First Class Margaret B. Morgan was offered Officer Candidate School, and she jumped at the chance. But her very first action as Ensign Morgan was to tell off, volubly and colorfully, a person in the employ of the newly formed Ministry of Peace, NightWatch branch, after a recruiting attempt. Unfortunately, this person just so happened to also be a Commodore in EarthForce. She was dishonorably discharged soon after.

Unwilling to stay on Earth and unwelcome at home, she wandered the galaxy, taking odd jobs here and there, but only enough to buy passage somewhere else. Early in 2260, she found herself on Babylon 5 where she met a man who sounded like he could be one of her cousins, who told her there was still something she could do.


Learning Adronado has been relatively easy, and she has found in the Minbari fascination with threes a mirror of her own Celtic upbringing. Her Ranger training still isn’t complete, but her skills were needed desperately so she was pressed into service early.

Still bitter over her treatment by EF, you can count on her to be pessimistic or to appear indifferent. She is as efficient and single-minded as ever, though, and the idea of doing something is starting to make a difference in her outlook.