Mira Trassano

Identity: Dr Mira Trassano

Species: Centauri

Gender: Female

DOB: (27 years old)

POB: Centauri Prime

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 130 lb

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Physical Condition: Average

Marital Status: Unmarried

Children: None

Position: Chief Medical Officer, Second Officer

Current Vessel: ISA Phoenix

Parents: Trago and Nilomm Trassano

Siblings: Silvom (M, 47), Kotimma (F, 43), and Danril (M, 36)



Mira was born to somewhat older parents causing something of a stir among her small but far-flung family. She was an average girl who was average in nearly all she did. But she was quite exceptional in her ability to find trouble. Her father, a well-respected general practitioner of medicine, had Mira help him on his rounds as an attempt to cut down on the sheer quantity of trouble she found. Mira then proceeded to spend nearly all her free time working for her father, studying or sleeping. She still managed to find trouble and was dubbed Drabitti-Ko, the Trouble-Magnet. When she was a few years away from marriageable age (prime time for cultivating a good match), she attracted the attention of Cartagia. Hoping this was simply a passing fancy of the disturbing nephew to the Emperor, the family ignored the implications.

A bit later Cartagia requested a formal bond to Mira. Because her family was rather low on the social ladder, they could not insist on a marriage and she would become Cartagia’s ‘companion’. Unfortunately, they were too weak to out and out refuse the match, either. So, her father sent her into hiding with as much money as he could quickly and quietly gather. He then told the Royal House that his worthless daughter had stolen some money and run off with a hireling. Cartagia was so enraged he insisted that the family pay the archaic fees and fines for being unable to produce a promised bride. Mira’s House couldn’t gather this much money and were subsequently sold into slavery to pay their debt.

After being sent out into the wide galaxy without any more instructions than to become lost and save herself, Mira did the only thing she could think of to do on her own. She applied to a Medical School under an assumed name. However, her rather mediocre academic career to date made her entrance exam scores rather average and necessitated going to a 3rd rate school. She chose one as far away from Centauri Prime as possible. She ended up in a little mixed colony of Centauri and humans out in the middle of nowhere. She managed, somehow, to get a full scholarship in exchange for assisting a professor in the staff. The professor she was assigned to was a Minbari cultural exchangee. When she heard the news of her family’s fate she drowned her sorrows in work and under the tutelage of Nielenn, she found her strength and passion, languages.

Being introduced to the Minbari languages by her professor, she became profoundly interested in why they had similarities to certain Centauri languages. This lead her to pay more attention in her classes searching for some reasonable rationale about the development of language in cultures. Why were some sounds never discovered even though physically able to be produced? How could it be that cultures so far apart on separate worlds would find the same solutions to certain linguistic problems? These questions obsessed her and caused her to soak up any knowledge that might be vaguely related, deciding that eventually she’ll reach critical mass and the solution will present itself. Her professor encouraged this for Mira was, at long last, coming into her own and excelling in her courses.

At the end of her second full year, as she was leaving her last final exam for the ‘summer’ courses she had taken, Mira did the single most stupid thing in her young life. She was in an excellent mood looking forward to the next two weeks when she would have no class work and her professor would have no duties. They had planned to start teaching her one of the other two languages since she was well on her way to being fluent in the religious caste’s. As she crossed the central green, Mira saw two other students being harassed by some Centauri guardsmen. This triggered all the bottled up rage she had been carrying around for two years and sent her into a shouting match with the guardsmen. She attracted a lot of attention to herself and caused her true identity to come to light. When they came to arrest her, Mira did the only thing she could think of and ran. She hid in the office of her professor and, luckily, only Nielenn found her. After hearing Mira’s story, the professor offered her the chance of a lifetime. In exchange for an equal amount of time serving the community, Mira could go to Minbar and finish her schooling in relative safety. She jumped at the chance and disappeared from official Centauri records yet again.


Mira spent the next four years of her life on Minbar, studying the medical techniques and needs of as many races as were represented in the Academy (a respectable number). The last two were given over quite happily to a local community medical facility where she served as a resident doctor. In the process of learning and serving, Mira became proficient in all three Minbari languages, respectful of the culture, able to stumble through other common galactic languages (Narn, Standard, etc.), and generally show that Nielenn was an excellent judge of character and ability. In the last two months of her required residency, Mira was approached (as were other doctors) by the Rangers. There appeared to be a serious lack of medical personnel that were attracted to the organization without some prodding and this produced a severe shortage. In light of her accomplishments, they asked if she would consider joining. She joined on the spot. She only just barely managed to learn how to fly a shuttle (after a fashion) before her required time was up and she was sent out to the field immediately. The rest of her training, she was told, could take place on ship since it was mainly combat and weapons training. They then told her she was needed most on board the Phoenix.

Her arrival onboard was somewhat less than the best way to arrive. After having run afoul the Narn security on B5 and been rescued and taken to Captain Narsh, she was immediately put to work. During the continued layover at B5, Mira was reunited with her brother, Danril, and the twin daughters of her sister, Kotimma. Finding that they were slaves to a pimp, she bought them outright and had to go to the captain to make them legally free. Mira found herself sent on two missions before she finally began to receive combat training. Now, she has finally managed to get a nearly full compliment of medical staff and regrets pushing for the combat training with every muscle twinge.

  • 2261 Assigned to the Phoenix
  • 2261 Recruited by the Rangers
  • 2259 Began residency
  • 2257 Fled to Minbar
  • 2255 Began Medical School
  • 2234 Born into the Trassano House in Capital City, Centauri Prime