Peter Carlacci

Identity: Peter Carlacci

Species: Human

Gender: Male

DOB: February 16, 2223 (present age: 39)

POB: Austin, Texas (Earth)

Height: 1.8 m (5’11”)

Weight: 84 kg (185#)

Hair: Black with a solid white streak on the left

Eyes: Dark brown

Physical Condition: Excellent

Marital Status: Single, never married

Children: Candace Carlacci Devine, b.2247 (adopted)

Position: Helm/Jump Engineer

Current Vessel: ISA Phoenix

Parents: Mark Carlacci and Elena Mendoza

Siblings: Teresa Carlacci, born 2219


Peter Carlacci was born into a family which was a melding of many different worlds: the Anglo/Italian of his father, the Latino of his mother, the past of frontier guards and Texas Rangers, and the present of the Earth Alliance and expansion into space. With the devotion to purpose that has been his trademark all his life, he decided in his very early teens to become a Texas Ranger, and accomplished the goal by the remarkable age of 22.

His service to the Rangers was cut short because of the Earth-Minbari War, when he was drafted into Earthforce. On the eve of the Battle of the Line, he was the navigator of a small patrol craft off Io. He had become close friends with the ship’s tactical officer, Marie Devine, comforting her in the loss of her husband on one of the outer colonies. Peter’s ship was attacked by the Minbari and nearly destroyed. Marie was one of many aboard who were killed, but before she died, she revealed to Peter that she had an infant daughter on the Io station — and begged him to take care of her. He found the girl at about the same time he learned of the war’s end.

After the war, he chose to remain in space. Having learned that the war began out of a dreadful misunderstanding, he resolved to do what he could to make sure that no one — especially the daughter he loved as his own — would suffer from such misunderstandings again. He served as navigator and/or security aboard a number of mid-sized freighters and passenger liners, building his knowledge of the people of the galaxy and raising his daughter, for some eleven years.

When he learned about the Anla’shok, he knew at once that they embodied all that he had been looking for. While it took a little persuading to allow a man with a child to join, the combination of his skills, his determination, and Candace’s determination did the trick.


Peter has become an expert at intelligence gathering, and it was his work in the Abbai system that convinced the Anla’shok to dispatch the Phoenix to that troubled world. He joined the crew for the trip to Abbai, serving as helmsman. His affable nature has allowed him to fit in to the crew relatively easily. Quite unexpectedly, he has embarked on a romantic relationship with the Phoenix’s Centauri CMO, Dr. Mira Trassano, and proposed marriage a short time ago.


Peter liked to wear his Texas Ranger badge underneath the outer jacket of his Anla’shok garb, but at the moment it is in Dr. Trassano’s hands, in lieu of an engagement ring … He is devoted to his daughter, who lives in Tuzanor while he is off on assignments and already wants to become Anla’shok also … he still speaks fluent Spanish as well as the three Minbari dialects, Abbai, Centauri, and passable Narn, as well as a smattering of other galactic languages … he is a reasonably observant Roman Catholic.