Tomás Darquin

Identity: Tomás Darquin

Species: Human

Gender: Male

DOB: November 7, 2231

POB: Earth (Flagstaff, AZ USA)

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 195lb

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Physical Condition: Good

Marital Status: Single

Children: none

Position: Chief of Security

Current Vessel: ISA Phoenix

Parents: Barbara and Ronaldo Darquin (Legal Guardians)

Siblings: Angelina (younger sister), Luis (older brother)


Tomás Darquin was raised in the Flagstaff, Arizona arcology. His parents left him and his siblings in the care of his uncle and aunt, Ronaldo and Barbara Darquin, shortly before they disappeared without a trace. For most of his life, he’d had nightmares about his parents leaving the children on a desert road at night as it rained.

Family relations were turbulent. Tomás and his younger sister Angelina didn’t get along even as they got older. He and his older brother Luis were close, but became distant. Tomás left his family on bad terms upon joining EarthForce.


Darquin entered the EarthForce junior recruitment program during the Earth-Minbari War. He proved himself a proficient but rebellious Starfury pilot. After experiencing the war firsthand, narrowly surviving the Battle of the Line, Darquin became moody and disillusioned. Later an instructor in Officer Candidacy School became his spiritual mentor and, while trying to give his pupil some focus in his life, introduced him to Eastern philosophies and disciplines.

His EarthForce record is a strange combination of meritorious commendations and disciplinary actions, including charges of insubordination. He often butted heads with fellow officers and, in the process, botched his chances of promotion on more than one occasion.

He was assigned to the newly activated Babylon 5 station. At first he suspected it was EarthForce’s way of punishing him for his previous infractions, but quickly found that life on B5 was just his speed. But after openly speaking against then-President Clark and Nightwatch, his very life was at risk. He went AWOL and disappeared Downbelow.

Through their efforts to help and protect the Lurkers, he learned about the Rangers and decided to join them. He struggled to prove that a rowdy human like himself was worthy of the Anla’shok, and took the opportunity to learn more about his former enemies, the Minbari.


In the early months of his assignment on the Phoenix, Darquin went from fighter pilot duty in Storm Squadron to Chief of Security despite the demands of several combat missions and accusations of a cover-up. With assistance from Dr. Trassano and Kim Matsumoto, he learned the truth about his parents’ disappearance and subsequent deaths, which included connections to the Psi-Corps. Before they disappeared, his parents had arranged the memories of their children to be erased for their own protection. Tomás Darquin has trusted only a few people with this knowledge, and is biding his time, waiting for the chance to expose their murderers.

He officially resigned from Earthforce when the Interstellar Alliance was unveiled, earning disapproval from his former comrades, including a woman he pursued when he was still assigned to Babylon 5’s fighter detail.

He has commanded the Security Department of the Phoenix with apparent ease. Lately he has also served as temporary Exec Officer with remarkable efficiency. But despite his success in command roles, he remains uncomfortable functioning in such a capacity. His specialties are investigation, small craft tactics, and covert intelligence.

He affects an easygoing manner, bending rules and flirting with women whenever he can get away with it, and has demonstrated a love for rock music from any era. Telepaths have reported (with some amusement) hearing a constant mental soundtrack around him, which has occasionally made his thoughts difficult to read.