Yoshino Marina

Identity: (note: surname written first) Yoshino Marina (birth name Takezo Marina)

Species: Human

Gender: Female

DOB: December 28, 2229

POB: Kyoto, Japan, Earth

Height: 1.7m (5’7″)

Weight: 59 kg (130 lb.)

Hair: Yellow-White

Eyes: Pale blue

Physical Condition: Excellent

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Position: Chief of Operations

Current Vessel: ISA Phoenix

Parents: Eiji and Kumiko Takezo

Siblings: none


Marina’s early life was relatively ordinary. Her albino features made her a bit of an outsider, and she had few friends until her late teens, when she attracted the attention of a tattoo artist who saw in her white skin the perfect canvas.

During a series of tattooing sessions, she made the acquaintance of a yakuza gangster, who brought her into his clan. She worked for the clan for ten years. She used her skills with computers to slice into networks, stealing large amounts of money for the clan, and sabotaging systems belonging to the clan’s rivals. She also used her aptitude for engineering and all things mechanical as a saboteur.

When Marina was thirty, she was assaulted by one of the members of her own clan, and killed him in self defense. Unfortunately, the dead man was the nephew of the oyabun (clan leader) … and there were no witnesses to his attack. Marina, begging forgiveness in accordance with yakuza tradition, presented the oyabun with part of her left little finger. While this satisfied the oyabun, it didn’t satisfy all his men, and Marina was forced to flee for her life.

Taking the name Klevetati Yoshino, Marina traveled as far from Earth as she could, ending up on Minbar. She was taken in by the Rangers, who accepted her plea that she wished to atone for all the wrong she did while part of the yakuza clan.

Klevetati was accepted as Chief of Operations on the Phoenix just as the Minbari Civil War burst into full violence, coming aboard after helping defend the Ranger training compound on Minbar. She quickly became a trusted part of the crew, with a reputation for being quiet, reliable and dependable.

The quiet exterior shielded a great deal of inner turmoil, as she tried to meld her past identity (an obedient soldier, a criminal, and a rape victim) with her new life. Through experience with her friends, and a remarkable visit from the shade of her tattoo artist, she has resolved to cast away her old fears and seize her new life with the spirit of a samurai.


Marina has taken her given name back, to signify the melding of her past and present. (To protect her family, she has kept Yoshino as a surname.)

She is close to several people on the ship, including Kim Matsumoto (with whom she shares a common ethnicity), Dr. Mira Trassano, and the Phoenix’s quartermaster, Arven’dra. She is now making an active effort to expand this circle, beginning by making herself more approachable.

She has also just learned that her swords (a katana and wakizashi pair given to her by her tattoo artist) are in fact priceless treasures, about a thousand years old. To complicate things further, a number of yakuza have learned this too, and are looking for her so they can get the blades for themselves.


Marina is tattooed over a large part of her body, the most elaborate being a tapestry of the courtesan Yoshino and the legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi, which covers most of her back. Probably in part because of all the tattooing, Marina has a very high pain threshold, and has a bad habit of ignoring minor injuries. She owns a mi-ke (calico) Japanese Bobtail cat, named Kuri, who has endeared herself to many of the crew.