Current Mission

ISA Phoenix Status Report As of 2010:02:07

2262 October 5 – Earth calendar

Weeks after the opening of the Alliance’s new headquarters on Minbar, the crew of the ISA Phoenix are in transition. Their wounded remain on Minbar, recovering from a recent battle on the edge of Vorlon space. And high above Minbar, repairs on the Phoenix in drydock are near completion.

The rest of the crew are scattered all over known space. Some of them have banded together for temporary missions, often exploring the unknown and all the risks that go with it. One team investigates an artifact with possible ties to the First Ones. Another narrowly survived a mercy mission gone wrong. And a third group must find clues among the dead.

Meanwhile another Ranger has taken it upon himself to get an old friend off the war-torn planet of Centauri Prime. And they must take a conspiracy theorist and his grumpy child with them… while his pet theory starts coming true.