Death Lies Dreaming

Characters: Dunstan Kordieh

The White Star 24, falling into the star, transmuting from ice to flame in an instant, and on to oblivion an instant later. The image keeps running in my mind, over and over again, round and round in circles like that damned hamster Commander Shaver had.

Commander Shaver…he knew. He understood that he was dead, that we are all dead. But why did he go on alone? He was the second in command of this ship. He should have taken all of us. Why did he leave the job to me? Maybe he knew it was I who caused the mess in Engineering. Maybe he understood how I tried to show them then, before we even found the White Star 24.

Lucius, please wait for me. I keep seeing you turn to flame and vanish before my eyes, every time I blink. I know I’m supposed to be there with you. Wait for me. Wait for us. I have figured out how to do what I did in Engineering, all across the ship. It’ll take me a little time, but I can do it. The Phoenix will transmute to flames, and we will all come to join you.

Copyright (c) 1998 Jamie Lawson. All rights reserved.


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