Death of Dreams

Characters: Margaret Morgan

Gloom, depression. Hands in pockets, head down, walking.

Unseen, hands grab at, hold, bruising. Have to get away.

Struggle, wrenching loose.

Shadows block light, approaching.


Frozen as grabbed again. “I’m a citizen, you can’t just–”

Natural shield, stronger than most, taken down, like clearing away cobwebs. Nothing left except raw nerves. “Leave me alone!” Desperate. “I haven’t done anything!”

Memories rifled through, jumbled, not kindly. Screams ignored until they trail off. Found one wanted.

Whimper. “Os gwelwch yn dda.” Please. “It’s all I have left.”

Ignored. Pick it apart until satisfied, then leave, all of them.

Pavement rough under cheek. Try to think, past the agony. Grandmother talking to Billy. Cary in uniform. Ethan ….

Everything wrong. Pieces all scrambled, where to start? “Have to….”

Blackness, but no release.

Morgan screamed herself awake, staring wildly around. This wasn’t Earth. Bright, cold. They must still have her. She pushed herself to sitting ….

Copyright (C) 1998 Leslie McBride. All rights reserved.


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