Characters: G’ren

“G’ren’s personal log, December 2261.

It’s over. At last we are out of danger, safe in our ship on our way home. The Vorlon servant race that experimented with time travel equipment was defeated, their world burnt to ashes. Before we approached the enemy world, a chain of bombs devastated the Phoenix’s front decks, causing heavy damage and some casualties. A security scanner operator working under my command, Karina Alenova, was hit by an exploding screen and is now in MedLab, recovering from her wounds. The battle against the alien defenses was long, and I took part in it flying a Human Starfury Thunderbolt. The explosion following this battle almost destroyed my fighter, but luckily I was able to restore emergency power and get back to the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is currently heading back to a dock in order to undergo heavy repairs, and the crew’s future isn’t very clear. One thing I know is that I will not return to my homeworld for a shore leave. Almost nothing awaits for me back there. Almost every Narn I knew in my life died. My father died in an outbreak of some strange disease about 10 years ago. My mother stayed at our homeworld during the last days of the Narn-Centauri war, and was killed during the mass driver attack. My sister Na’Ta was the Operations Officer aboard the NRS K’Tor, a ship which was destroyed by Shadow forces in our last attempt to destroy the Centauri supply station at Gorash.

My brother K’gen was on Babylon 5 during the Battle For Babylon 5 last year, and found his death from an EA PPG blast in the ground combat at the brown sector. My brother G’dek is still alive, thanks G’quan, however he is on some assignment to a distant planet called Yarena, something from the new Narn Regime’s trade department I think. Most of my friends died in the bombardment or during the occupation. My friend Nat’Ra died on the NRS Defender, killed by the damned Centauri… and so were most of my friends in the Narn fleet…

My homeworld is a dead, burned world, only a ruin of what was once a green live world. Even the small forest near my hometown, a forest grown after the first liberation war, was destroyed by the Mass Drivers. The only thing that can be seen back home is death. The death of flesh, the death of spirit, the death… of everything. And I remember my father’s last words to me, when he lay down on his bed: ‘Go now G’ren, seek your future in the stars… maybe your fate will be better than mine.’. I’ll go to earth with the rest of the Rangers, and bring honor to my family and my race by serving the universe itself in the fight against the darkness.

And so it ends, just like it begins… In tears.”

Copyright (C) 1998 Omer Joel. All rights reserved.


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