Characters: G’ren

The mission had come to an end, and G’ren knew it. The Vorlon allies were defeated, their time travel equipment destroyed. Heavily damaged, the Phoenix made it way to Minbar. Light years away from the wounded Phoenix, Earth waited for G’ren and his Ranger friends. A world ruled by a ruthless dictator had to be freed, and peace had to be restored. A Ranger’s work has no end, and G’ren knew it very well. The war against darkness has no end, there are always new threats to fight.

From his quarters he walked slowly to Medlab. The view was not a pleasant one, for many Rangers lied there, wounded in the madman’s bomb attack and in the fight following it. Medical personnel walked around the crowded room, trying to help the huge amount of wounded crewmembers.

On a bed near the wall lay Karina Alenova, the security scanner operator working under G’ren. He felt responsible for her (as he was her commanding officer), and he decided to visit her before they will go on their separate ways.

“G’ren… it’s good to see you, I didn’t meet anyone from Security in a long time…” she said to him in a weak, quite voice.

“Thanks,” he smiled at her “How are you?”

“Quite fine, I think… I’ll recover, that’s what the Doctor says.”

“We won the battle, I had to fly a fighter in it… My first real fighter mission since my time in the Narn Regime.”

“Hell… I always have the luck to miss all the fun… and I’ll stay on Minbar while you will fight for earth.”

“If there will be any fight. The war is nearly over, the Resistance and the Babylon 5 forces won many battles. Until we get there, we’ll most likely miss most of the action.”

“And I’ll have to stay in a Minbari hospital… at least their food is tasty.”

“I suppose that I’ll see you… later. much later. After the Phoenix will be repaired.”

“Be seeing you, sir.” she said.

G’ren walked out of Medlab and found his way back to his quarters. He took his small bag from his closet and filled it with his belongings – A Minbari fighting pike, a few bottles of Ta’Ree, a Narn PPG, his Ka’Tok, his Book Of G’quan, his Narn uniform (what left of it since he crashed on that Minbari colony two years ago), his Ranger uniform, a picture of his family and his few data crystals with his personal logs. He had almost nothing in the world, and what he had was not very heavy (for him, he’s a Narn, remember¬†:).

With his small beg, G’ren made his way to the Docking Bay and waited for the shuttle to take him back to the Minbari surface…

Copyright (C) 1998 Omer Joel. All rights reserved.

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