Characters: Fleet Captain Freise, Terry Hale

Mackey and Jen are sitting in thier qtrs on the Ramoth eating dinner and talking about thier discoveries on the rim.

“I can’t believe some of these places. I mean, I know the Shadows were powerful, but…” Jen took a bite of dinner, covering her unease. They’d been joking about it all, but seeing what had become of the homeworlds of the Vorlon’s allies…Je was very glad they’d left beyond the Rim. “This was for all purposes Vorlon space, but that didn’t protect their allies when the Vorlons ran off to fight. I wonder what the Vorlons’s homespace lookes like.” Jen said

“I know, but maybe it isn’t protected any more. Maybe…” Mack replied.

At that time both their links chirped, and their faces registered identical annoyance. They’d both ordered that their was to be no interruption unless the ship was burning down around them and even then only if there was no other recourse than to abandon ship.

Mackey tapped his link and they both listened. “Freise here, this better be good.” he said.

“I am sorry Captain, but… There is a White Star here. Her captain’s demanding to know what we’re doing here. She’s demanding to speak with you.” The bridge officer said over the link.

Mackey blinked. A White Star? Out here? Dinner was forgotten.

Mackey stood on the bridge of his ship and stared at the screen. A tall, red-haired woman in the habitually dark clothes of a Ranger peered back back from the monitor.

“Fleet Captain Freise,” she greeted, nodding slightly.

“I haven’t been that for some time,” Mackey said, ignoring a few stares from around the bridge. “What can I do for you, Captain?” He said.

“Captain Hale,” the woman filled in. “I’m sorry, Captain, but you are going to have to get this ship turned around. It isn’t safe.” She said.

“There is no quarantine in effect, and besides you have no jur–“Jen began from beside Mackey. Hale cut her off.

“There is now. If you’ve got a problem with it, you can contact Babylon 5.” It was barely a courteous answer.

Mackey scowled. “Certainly will. This is an obstruction of–” he said.

Hale sighed. “Captain, please. We need cooperation on this. In fact, I think we could help each other here. We are on the same side, aren’t we? Look, we need to share information, not an escalation in the body count. There are some people back on Babylon 5 that could really use your help right now, and you’ll help us by not getting killed. You’re not on a warship anymore.” She said.

Mackey pondered this for a long minute, aware he was being watched closely by both sides. He gave in. He trusted Captain Sheridan at least. “This had better be good, Hale. All right, we’re heading for Babylon 5.”

As the screen went blank, Freise looked around the bridge, his bridge. “Helm set course for the nearest jumpgate” he said.

“Aye Captain” the helm officer said

Once the Ramoth got close enough, “Activate jumpgate.” Freise said, then watching as his ship enter the jumpgate. “Set course for Babylon 5.” He continued.

“Aye Captain.” The helm officer said as her hands slipped across her console.

“Jones, you have the bridge, and this time do not contact us unless we have to abandon ship.” Freise said to his operations officer. “Jen, at least we can finish dinner. We should be there by morning.” Freise continued.

Jen and Mackey return to their qtrs to finish their dinner.

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