Dr. Lanconi 2005:03:03

Characters: Dr. Kaldo Lanconi

The battle stations alarm went off as Dr. Lanconi was deep into a vid from Dr. Mariel on Babylon 5. He groaned at the need to respond just as if this were the real thing.

“BATTLE STATIONS! THIS IS NO DRILL! . . .” the comm. repeated as alarms rang with a fervor that surely would wake the dead and lights flashed.

This is no drill!? “Great Maker!!” Dr. Lanconi raced to MedLab 1. He tried to go over all the details that he was suppose to insure were done before going into battle.

He rushed into MedLab1 and looked around. Checking his current time, he wondered if he had gotten there in time.

The first impact on the Phoenix knocked Dr. Lanconi off his feet. Wasn’t artificial gravity suppose to keep that from happening? The ship shuddered again as Dr. Lanconi struggled to his feet. This time he was able to keep from being tossed around since he had a firm grip on the nearby fixtures.

“This is not a Drill!” repeated the ships internal comm.

“No &^%$^!!!” muttered Dr. Lanconi.

The comm. rang out with messages from the staff reporting in. . . .

 "Comm! Kordieh to Medlab, reporting in." . . .
 Daanike's voice came across the comm. Despite its hurried, almost curt tones, 
 the Minbari healer's voice had never sounded more angelic. "Acknowledged. Report to 
 Medlab One and follow any instructions Dr. Lanconi has."
 Kordieh spoke again before Daanike could cut the channel -- even though he knew he 
 shouldn't be wasting time. "Daanike -- what's happening?"
 "It's all right," she answered, the incongruous choice of words and a momentary 
 softening of tone telling Kordieh that she understood completely. "We're under attack 
 by an unknown alien race. Get to Medlab One. Daanike out."

Dr. Lanconi thought, Right report to Dr. Lanconi. He has all the answers. He’ll tell you what to do. Well, who was going to tell me what to do?

“Dr. Lanconi reporting to the damage control officer. Everything appears to be in good shape in Madlab 1 A few broken bottles and some . . . We’re ready to take care of the wounded.”

Kordieh stumbled into MedLab 1 with some blood coming out of his nose.

Dr. Lanconi rushed over to him. “Are you OK? You’ve got a little blood coming out you nose.”

A quick look confirmed that the Minbari was only slightly injured. Most likely from a fall or being thrown up against a bulkhead. “It doesn’t look serious but if you start feeling dizzy, let me know.”

 "Two down on the bridge!" Yoshino called to the tac chambers. "Shok'na-li, the Captain 
 is down!" That stirred her. Without stopping to think, she hauled herself up through the hatch.

Dr. Lanconi: “Kordieh, get to the bridge and stabilize the captain and anyone else who is seriously injured. Get them down here ASAP!”

As Kordieh started to leave, Lanconi reminded him, “Don’t forget your medkit.”

Dr. Lanconi: “Bridge. Med team is on its way to assist your injured.”

Copyright (c) 2005 Sidney Kuhn. All rights reserved.


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