Characters: Margaret Morgan

Not in the best of moods, Morgan took up residence against the wall, drink in hand. Duty, as a Ranger and as executive officer, was the only thing that had brought her here, and was the only thinking keeping her from leaving while it was still rude.

She eyed Storm One’s copilot warily. There was a challenge there, but one she was not about to accept. Kim was there, dancing, as it happened, with Darquin. As a matter of fact it seemed everyone was enjoying themselves except Santiago, who had just entered, with a vaguely disturbed look on her face, and herself.

Fun, she snorted to herself. It had been a long time…. She knocked her drink back, stopping that line of thought. She had already indulged in a bout of self-pity this month. She wasn’t about to let it become a habit.

Morgan turned toward the doors, intending to leave. And found she couldn’t move. Duty hadn’t been completed yet. Is that all that’s left for me? Duty? she snarled at herself, and went instead for another drink.

Copyright (c) 1998 Leslie McBride. All rights reserved.

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