End of Day

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

Mira hummed softly to herself as she tidied up her desk at the end of her day. She had decided that everything was running as smoothly as it would tonight and she was going to bed. Straightening that last stack of reports, the doctor shrugged off her lab coat and dumped it over the back of her chair. The bulging pockets caught her eye. It always surprised Mira at the end of the day to see all the things she had absentmindedly collected. I don’t remember picking anything up today, she mused in wonder as she emptied the treasures out onto the now-clear desk.

She shook her head. Picking out the instruments and tools, which she carried over to the storage closet, Mira swept the rest of the miscellanea into the middle top drawer of her desk with the rest of it. Why do I pick up this stuff? A yawn interrupted her thoughts. With the lights off and the door closed, she stepped out into the main area of MedLab. All eyes swiveled to her. “Well, everyone, keep working. You are all doing a wonderful job. I’m beaten and am out to bed.” She gifted her thoroughly confused staff with a brilliant smile and trotted off.

On her way back to her quarters, Mira made her list for the next day. Let’s see. Sleep late. That’s most definitely necessary. Eat breakfast. Maybe make some hot Jala. Spend a few hours with the results of the tests on Reeakiss and the corpses. Maybe there’ll be something new. Surprise first shift. Check up on Reaches and Lynne should be back with her by then. Ask Security if there’s any way I can be warned if Carter goes near MedLab. Eat a late lunch. Write a letter to the Family. The twin’s birthday is coming up. I should find them something exotic. I wonder if I’ll be able to go planetside for a little shopping in the next few days. Pop in on Second Shift. Check up on Carter if I haven’t seen him by then. Maybe I’ll have to opportunity to smash some sense into his head. Spend some time with the paperwork. Here she sighed. Go to the gym for a little exercise. Maybe someone will be willing to spar. Clean up. Find some dinner. Check in with Third Shift. Spend some time at my shrine. Go to bed. My goodness, tomorrow’s a busy day.

By now, Mira was standing at her door punching in her code. She preferred the code over swiping her identi-card because she didn’t always remember to have her card with her. “Lights.” The door swished shut behind her. The small woman froze. Her mouth hung open slightly and her eyes grew so wide they could have swallowed her face.

“Come now, daughter. Don’t I deserve a warmer greeting than that?” Her father chuckled from his seat on the pillows in front of her small shrine. The symbolic bottle of brevari was tucked up against his side and the glass hung loosely in his hand. He had apparently been drinking the fruit juice she kept in there now that the ship was dry.


He lumbered to his feet and approached his daughter. “Mira, cherished one, don’t look so stunned. You know we do not end with our deaths.”

“But, you’re not angry? It was my fault that…you….”

Dr. Trago Trassano frowned. “Nonsense. You did what I told you to. And it was my time to die. I had dreamed it for years but never understood the circumstances until you were safe on your way. I would have died regardless. I’m glad I saved you from shame and Cartagia’s madness before the end of my day came to me.” He pulled the stunned woman into a gentle embrace. “Drabbiti-Ko, little trouble-magnet,” he mumbled into the tender skin of her scalp, “tell your worried father that you happy with this new life of yours. Happier than you would have been as someone’s pampered wife?”

Tears stung Mira’s eyes for a moment before she hugged her father back. Then, the brave Anla’shok bawled like a child into his coat. It even smells right.

Copyright (c) 2001 Mona Hinds. All rights reserved.


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