Epilogue in Embers and Ash

Universe Today(TM) Datafeed–August 16, 2262

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Headline: New Centauri Emperor Inaugurated

Tagline: Londo Mollari II declares ISA “unfair” as he ascends throne amidst ruins
By: Agripina Czaplinski

Grid Epsilon Bureau 3
Dushati Spaceport, Granesh 7–With the approval of the Centaurum, the ruling body of the Centauri people, former Prime Minister Londo Mollari takes the Imperial Throne of the Centauri Republic amidst ashen ruins and the ringing of bells for the dead.

Prior to his inauguration, the new Centauri Emperor spoke to his war-torn people and at the same time put the galaxy on notice. His holographic image was projected against the funeral pall of ash, anger, and despair that hung over Centauri Prime’s capital city.

In his first address as Emperor, Londo Mollari II railed against the ISA. “Sheridan and his alliance have struck deeply at our people,” said Mollari. “They wish to teach us a lesson, to break us, so we will never again be a problem.”

The new Emperor’s address reflects the anger and bitterness of his people in the aftermath of the orbital attack on their homeworld. Over 24 standard hours after the attack by Narn and Drazi space fleets, Centauri Prime remains in a state of shock and confusion.

The ISA has received interplanetary condemnation of its attack on civilian targets, which violated every precedent of military law and interstellar treaty. Representatives of the Drazi Freehold and the Narn Regime have been vocal in their approval of the orbital attack on Centauri Prime.

“We acted in self-defense as we have always done,” said Narn spokesman R’shur. “The [ISA] Council has documented the direct involvement of the Centauri in attacks on our supply routes, including the deaths of our own civilians. Further, we can prove that Centauri ships have attacked jumpgates They have been waging war openly and in secret for the last hundred years. We have put an end to it, once and for all.”

As the Centauri recover their dead from the rubble, they also face an economic assault in the form of war reparations to the Interstellar Alliance.

“This punishment is unfair,” said Mollari. ” It is a violation of our sovereign rights…. We will work even harder to show those who have come to humiliate us that we will not bow down.”

To symbolize a new age of isolationism, the inauguration of the new Centauri Emperor was conducted “alone” and “in silence,” save for temple bells sounding day and night for each life lost.

“We are alone, but we are united in our pain,” said Emperor Mollari II.

As if in unison, Centauri businesses and government facilities throughout known space are breaking their ties to off-world interests. ISA President Sheridan, First Lady Delenn, and ISA Councilmember G’kar were quickly sent away from Centauri Prime while Emperor Mollari II’s inauguration took place. While incidents of violence against Centauri citizens have subsided, the trend of violence has already begun to reverse and turn on humans and non-Centauri. Journalists, merchants, and government officials are being driven out of Centauri communities, sometimes in violent altercations. The Earth Alliance has advised to citizens abroad to leave Centauri-controlled territory as soon as possible.

One of the few visible representatives of the Centauri outside of the Republic is Vir Cotto, the newly appointed ambassador to Babylon 5. In a recent press release, the ISA Council has expressed confidence in their ability to maintain a working relationship with the Centauri through Ambassador Cotto. The Drazi diplomatic staff on Babylon 5 reportedly consider Cotto’s appointment “acceptable.”

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