Characters: G’ren

It came to him as a flash. As a vision while he was helping the doctor to take care of Karina. It came …

And it looked real. He found himself on a strange ship… in what looked like one of the maintenance corridors. He was holding something… yea, a heavy PPG auto cannon, Narn design. He looked around and saw several aliens from different races standing near him, in full combat gear and armed to their teeth … some were Humans, some Narns, a few Minbari, but the most of them were from a race he couldn’t recognize. “They’re coming … They’re coming…” someone shouted, and then the wall in front of him blew up. many of the aliens around him began to fire at the hole, firing on whatever came from there … and then it came. Drakh. He couldn’t be mistaken. Drakh. He have read enough information about these Drakh … and he saw them coming from the hull breach. A lot of them, armed, and then the battle began ….

And the flash ended. He was back in Medlab, holding Karina’s arm … And the doctor almost finished examining her …

Copyright (c) 1998 Omer Joel. All rights reserved.

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