Fork In the Road

Characters: Terry Hale

Weeks after setting out into Vorlon space, the Phoenix finally staggered out into normal space, the day-side glow of Minbar huge in their forward viewports. It would take weeks more before the ship would be able to travel under its own power again, but duty would not wait on repairs.

Time had not waited on them either, Terry reflected as she observed from her seat on the bridge. So much had happened while they were gone. Captain Sheridan had been captured and then freed by the actions of one man, Commander Ivanova was dying of her wounds suffered in the war to reclaim Earth, and now the fleet was amassing for the final strike to take Mars and then right on to Homeworld.

It was pehaps the last that held the deepest significance for the crew of the Phoenix. Some of them would be there to see it — and perhaps die there in the fight as well. Terry had her orders before even coming within sight of Minbar. Manipulating the controls at her side, she opened a shipwide comm channel.

“Attention. This is your Captain speaking.

“We have just reached Minbar, and are about to be maneuvered into standard orbit. We also have our new marching orders, so please listen closely. A copy of this will also be found on the message system.

“The Phoenix is not fit for battle, but the need for the Rangers has not abated in the least because of it. Those of us who are able to will be reassigned to a White Star that is waiting for us in dock at Babylon 5. From there that White Star will be joining the fleet near the Earth Alliance home system.

“Those who will not be joining us you, will remain with the Phoenix and assist in accelerating its repair. The sooner the better, for while wars will end, there is still a long road ahead for us all.

“Please gather your belongings and report immediately to the docking bay for travel down to Minbar, where there are transports waiting for the trip to Babylon 5 or to the Shipyards respectively. There is no time to waste now. Good luck to you all, for whichever path is ahead for you in these coming weeks.”

Terry closed the comm line only to open up a personal comm a moment later to Medlab. “Oh, and Doctor Trassano? There will be another shuttle as well as additional assistance to transport your department’s patients down to Minbar’s medical facilities. If there is anything else you need, let myself or Morgan know.

“Hale out.”

Copyright (C) 1998 Alida Saxon. All rights reserved.

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