Friends and Family

Characters: Dr. Mira Trassano

Mira blinked blearily at the ceiling of her quarters. The computer was beeping at her. Sitting up, she saw the screen flashing the Incoming Call message. So, she dragged herself out of bed, hauled on a robe, and coughed to the computer to receive the call. The Centauri woman tried her best to look wide awake as the connection was made.

A well-loved and smiling face appeared on the screen.

“Kotimma!” Mira was awake now and grinning like a fool. “What are you doing, Sister? The family cannot afford a live call! You should have just sent a message!”

Kotimma smiled at her little sister. “You should know better, Drabbiti-Ko. You think you can send us such an amount of money and we will not call to make certain you haven’t turn to a life of crime?” The older woman tsked at Mira. “Now, put your poor family’s mind at ease and tell me that Ilaros has been good to you.” Danril appeared behind Kotimma.

“Danril! How are you? Is Silvom well? No, Kotimma, Ilaros is not the bringer of our good fortune. S’ran-to is. One of the Rangers here has loaned us the money. She does not approve of slavery. Is it enough? Do you need more? Is everyone home now? How is Mother? And Aunt and Uncle?”

Kotimma started sniffling and had to take a moment to compose herself. So, Danril grinned and jumped right in, “You still worry too much, Little Sister. Silvom is fine, he is pampering his wives by taking them to the coast for these few days. He took all seven of the children as well. Kotimma’s girls are actually living up to their mother and have bloomed with puberty. It is astounding. Simply astounding, that two such rocks have turned into jewels. Mother is doing much better. She remembers everyone’s names now and sometimes she surprises us by remembering things from our childhoods. She misses you. She asks about you every few days and wanders around looking for you. She can’t seem to remember that you are far away on Babylon 5. Aunt and Uncle are wonderful. They are so relieved to be free again that they immediately went and bought cloth. As we speak, they are furiously creating the newest fashion trend and buyers are camping in our front courtyard.”

Kotimma added, “Yes, the money left over from their purchase we gave to them. They will make their buying price and more in a year or so. They gathered themselves quite a reputation are fashion designers during those years in slavery. Who is this Ranger who gave us the money? Can we do anything for her?”

“Her name is Yoshino. She is a… friend.” Mira smiled brightly. The word felt good and fit Yoshino well. “She does not seem to need much. I do not know what she might–” Mira paused, thinking.

“She might what?” Danril prodded.

“She might want something splendid to wear. She is the same size as me. But, she is pale. Glowing white, that she has covered with painted designs all over her body. Ask Aunt and Uncle if they would create something. Something without a back. Something elegant.”

The computer started to bleep. Kotimma looked startled. “We appear to have run out of money.” She grinned. “Sister, try to come home. Sometime. The whole family will write to you soon. We will send a package.” Danril was waving in the background. The computer screen went blank.

(c) 1999 Mona Hinds. All rights reserved.

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