From Out of the Flames

Characters: Ayeshalan, Ferran

Ferran boosted his Zen’Thas fighter to full throttle as he left Minbar’s atmosphere and started towards the small blip on his sensors which was to be his new home. The ISA Phoenix had accepted him as Desell Two in their Zen’Thas fighter squadron and given him his first commission.

As he closed with the ship, the Phoenix hove into view, growing to fill his cockpit window. It was a beautiful ship; being Minbari designed it possessed the smooth curves and organic look indicative of Minbari craftsmanship and so much more pleasing to the eye than boxy human craft.

Desell Two touched down with a small bump in the Phoenix’s fighter bay next to Desell One and Ferran shut down his fighter’s systems. He pulled out his cases and wormed his way out of the cockpit and onto the flight-deck, checking the gravity for a few seconds before making his way to the Squadron Briefing room.

Ferran was already waiting in Desell Sqadron’s briefing room when Ayeshalan entered. She was clearly Minbari warrior caste, her headbone carved into sharp spikes that served to accentuate a fierce, although cheerful, expression. The top edge of her headbone was still lined with black ink, signifying that she must have recently participated in an important ceremony.

She faced him squarely and bowed, regarding him with a single grey-blue eye. The other was hidden by a simple black patch. “You must be Ferran, my new Desell Two. Welcome to thePhoenix. You’re early.” A corner of her mouth turned sharply upward. “I like that.”

Ferran rose from his seat and bowed to the female Minbari. “Greetings Desell roin na. Entil’Zha veni, it is my pleasure and honour to join the crew of the Sorna’silat.”

“Well spoken,” Ayeshalan replied. “There is nothing like proper etiquette. While not all of our fellow Anla’shok aboard have quite mastered the art, they do mean well.” Her last words carried a gentle caution.

“Good, I hope to meet them soon. Meanwhile could you tell me where there might be a large room for training in? Getting ready to come here I missed my usual Denn’bok practise and would like to catch up.”

“The main gymnasium and training rooms are on Deck Three. You can also use the multipurpose space next to the shuttlebays on Deck 22,” she said. “I’m sure you’ll find plenty of sparring partners here if you so desire. Before I release you, however, know that there is a squadron meeting tomorrow, 0900 ship time. We will review Centauri battle tactics with all the pilots, so we can know what to expect and make plans.”

“Thank you.” said Ferran. “I think I’ll go and get settled in my quarters now, I think I’m going to have a long day tomorrow. May you walk in the light, Ayeshalan.” Again bowing to his new squadron commander, Ferran picked up his gear and left the briefing room.

Ayeshalan watched him leave, a thoughtful glint in her eye.

Copyright (C) 2002 Jamie Lawson and Chris Bullard. All rights reserved.


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