Goodbye For Now

Characters: Anakin Solo

“Are you sure you want to do this, honey?” Shana said as she looked at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers. “I can live here for awhile longer. There’s no problem to me. I’m happy.”

I sat on the couch next to her and held her delicate hands in mine. I had made my decision, one that she would end up liking in the end, but right now it was hard for her, and many other people, to see how I could be giving up something I’d spent so much time and effort on. “I’m sure I want to go, Shana. I’ve thought on this as much as I can.”

“The war is over. Sure, Earth is still under Clark’s control, but I don’t think that will be lasting for very long.” I reached up to touch my fiancee’s hair, and thought of the life with her that I wanted to lead. The things I had wanted to do, but had been held from by all of the stuff that kept happening. “I want to go home, with you, and see snow again. I want to go and get away from the constant upheaval of the universe. I want to live a quiet life, for now. No more Centari, Minbari, Narns, or Renegades. I just want you and a small home back in Wisconsin.”

“I don’t believe it,” she said with a smile. “Anakin Solo wants to settle down. Has hell frozen over already?”

The things Shana said don’t seem that out of place or funny when other people hear them, but she always got a laugh out of me. “I’ve changed a lot. I need different things in my life than before, and right now this rebellion isn’t one of those things. Let’s go to Earth now, before everything is sealed off. We can get married in that church you always loved.”

“Whatever you like, Anakin. Whatever you like.”

I kissed her briefly, then pulled back and let go of her hands. “Now that we’ve got this figured out, I’ve got to go tell everyone. I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.” I touched my lips to her cheek and then turned and walked out of our quarters.

I almost ran through the ship to the captain’s office, but reserved myself to a fast walk. I moved through the decks, unaware of everything that was going on around me. I wanted to meet with Freise and get this over with. The sooner I left the Cortez, the sooner I would be on Earth with my wife.

Before I knew it, I was standing in front of the door to his private office. I approached the door, and it chimed to let Freise know I was there. “Come on in,” he called from inside.

The door slid away and I stepped through. Freise immediatly motioned for me to take a seat, and I did. “I came to do something, something that I have thought about a lot. I don’t want to try and be talked out of this, that’s not worth the effort. I’m turning in my uniform. I’m leave space.”

He looked across the table at me for a moment, then nodded. I think Freise understood. “If you really want to, I won’t stop you. You were a fine officer, and you did a great job with the Cortez when it was yours. But everyone feels a pull to do something else. Follow yours.”

“You do have a way of getting to Earth, I hope,” Freise said questioningly.

How he knew what I was planning I don’t know, but he did. “Actually, I thought I could probably just find something at Babylon 5 and eventually make my way home.” That had been all I had figured. There was no way I could just fly a shuttle to Earth and hope not to be killed.

A smile crept onto the captain’s face. “I believe that I can find a transport for you. Just wait a moment.” He tapped a communication panel and contacted someone.

“Hello, Captain,” he said to the person he had opened a channel to. “I have something to ask of you. Could you take one of my officers safely to Earth? He is leaving now and needs a transport. I’ve heard that EarthGov is blockading B5 and checking all ships that come through the area. Maybe you could get around this?”

“I would be pleased to help. Who is the hombre you want transported?” the man said, a touch of Spanish thrown in for some strange reason. The voice almost seemed familiar, though . . .

“Captain Anakin Solo and his fiancee are your two passengers. When can they transport over?”

“Anytime would be bueno. The Phoenix is going to be here for a little while.”

The Phoenix? Rangers. We were going to hitch a ride with the Rangers newest ship. Wonderful. Freise ended the communication and I thanked him for setting up travel for me and Shana. I then returned to our quarters to help with the packing.

The next day we were ready to leave the Cortez and start on our new life together. As we stood outside the shuttle that would take us to the Ranger ship I exchanged good-byes with a few members of the crew, then took Shana by the hand and lead her onboard. Our journey was nearing its end.

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