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 Abbai Receives ISA Aid
 By Ian Zaremba, Grid Epsilon Bureau 9
 QBRU'KIWIS CITY, ABBAI 4 -- Abbai officials have formally welcomed Ranger Terry Hale,
 captain of the Interstellar Alliance cruiser Phoenix, in a press conference this 
 afternoon in the capital city of the Qbru'Kiwis region of the Abbai homeworld.
 Ambassador Kalika and Senator Opjatri of the Marti congress gave Captain Hale with a
 medallion of cobalt blue disks linked by a thin silver chain, a token of goodwill
 from the Natar or Empress-Mother of the Abbai.
 "With her thanks and good wishes, we offer you the Natar's diplomatic seal, bestowing
 upon you and your people the title and powers of welcome dignitaries to our world,"
 said Kalika.
 After the ceremony Hale explained the ISA's intention to provide aid and protection
 to the Abbai system.
 "We're not here as a show of force.  The Alliance sent us here to help a member
 world that needs and deserves our support," said Hale.
 The Abbai have been struggling to rebuild their beleaguered villages and urban
 centers they have throughout their homeworld after a series of attacks for nearly
 15 standard months.  An alien invasion, called "the Shadow War" throughout Grid
 Epsilon and beyond, began with the destruction of civilian and military targets in
 the Abbai system.  Soon after, raiders throughout the sector continued the reign
 of terror, thwarting reconstruction of all defenses and economic centers.
 Two standard days ago, the ISA Phoenix made its first appearance by waylaying a
 raider ship near the orbital factories over Abbai 8, then sent fighter squadrons to
 fend off a second raiding party in the skies of the Abbai homeworld.
 The arrival of the Phoenix has generated excitement among local ISA supporters.
 Proponents have stated the ship's presence and the ISA's recent military intervention
 to protect a previously unknown race, who are described as living under conditions
 similar to the Abbai illustrates the credibility of this fledgling new Alliance.
 But there remains dissension and heated debate by those who fear that this represents
 the beginning of a policy of military encroachment inspired by the powerful
 combination of superior alien technologies.
 "The Phoenix was created for crises like this one, where many Rangers are needed to
 resolve a crisis and where an attack ship would make things worse," said Captain Hale
 in today's press conference.
 "We do have advanced technology, some you might even call ancient.  But our Alliance
 promised to share this technology with all its members.  This ship is part of that
 SIDEBAR "Abbai Homeworld"
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 By Ian Zaremba, Grid Epsilon Bureau 9
 Near Centauri space, the saturated planet Abbai 4 is noted for its thriving plant
 life and its legion of rivers.  While the Abbai possess remarkable technology,
 agriculture and medical science are the leading industries in their world.
 Riverside farms and villages number in the millions, but there are only 10 major
 cities and a handful of minor urban centers.  And yet they achieved space travel
 800 standard years ago.
 Their government is a matriarchy of 4000 standard years, under the rule of Natar
 Yrisha and the 200-member Marti who advise the Natar and represent the general
 populace.  Since the Dilgar War, their presence in interplanetary affairs has
 been negligible.
 Abbai society strongly emphasizes respect and equality.  Females dominate every
 sector of commerce and politics while their male counterparts opt for careers in
 art and academia.  None of their communities have experienced poverty or social
 inequality in over 6000 standard years.  Even among their religions there is no
 Female Abbai often wear multicolored gowns while males prefer homespun robes and
 tunics with a more sedate, rustic appearance.  Their communities exist on land
 and sea, mainly villages.

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