Job Referral

Characters: G’fen, Dunstan Kordieh

G’fen paced back and forth along the edge of the shuttle landing pad. He’d been here waiting since he heard that his friend Dunstan Kordieh was being brought back from the hospital in Yedor.

He still had a hard time getting along with the Minbari, and many humans, but since he had been ordered to work on some Minbari temple building with Kordieh, he and the human had become good friends.

Maybe, G’fen thought, it was because they had both done things wrong and so were out of place. While G’fen had gotten in trouble for assaulting several Centauri on Babylon 5, Kordieh had done far worse — setting explosives that nearly destroyed the Ranger ship he had been stationed on.

It had taken a long time for G’fen to understand it all, that Kordieh hadn’t been in his right mind and that he tried hard to repay what he’d done. He wanted to serve the Rangers as much as G’fen did.

He saw a Minbari approaching and bowed to him. “Greetings, Sech Nelier. Will the shuttle be here soon?”

“I hope so. It seems we are both anxious to see Dunstan Kordieh again.”

“How do you know Dunstan?” Just as G’fen spoke, a shuttle began landing on the pad ahead.

“I have supervised his progress here over the past year,” the old Minbari said. “I am glad he is going to survive.”

“So am I,” said G’fen, turning to watch the shuttle complete its landing. He walked toward it as the boarding ramp opened. Dunstan Kordieh, pale and weak, stood in the doorway. A young Minbari woman, one leg in a splint, stood just behind him.

“Good to see you again Dunstan!” said G’fen. “I trust you are feeling better? And who might you be?” he asked the Minbari woman.

“Good day to you, G’fen,” she said. “I’m Tarenn. I’ve been keeping watch over Dunstan since he was in Yedor. He saved my life.”

“How do you know who I am?”

“You’re the only Narn in Tuzanor, except for the couple who runs the restaurant,” Dunstan said, his voice rough and weak. “Of course she knows you.” He managed a smile. “I’m doing much better. They weren’t sure if I was going to make it for a while, but here I am.”

“Well, it’s good to see you again.” G’fen replied. “Dunstan, could I speak to you in private?”

“Of course.” Dunstan stumbled slightly as he reached the foot of the boarding ramp, and G’fen moved quickly to catch him. “Maybe you could help me get to my room.”

“Certainly.” They left the landing pad, heading for Dunstan’s room in one of the dormitory buildings.

By the time they arrived, G’fen was nearly carrying Dunstan. Once settled into a chair, he sighed. “Sorry about this. I guess I still have a lot of healing to do.”

“You must take your time, it will take time to recover from your injuries. Do you remember what we talked about the last time we were together? I’m still interested in that ship. I think you called it the Phoenix?”

“Oh yes.” Dunstan’s face seemed to darken with grief for a moment, until he put the feeling aside with an effort. “Did I hear correctly, that she’s inbound from the Abbai system?”

“That’s the rumour that’s been going around here lately,” replied G’fen. His voice then became softer. “Do you think the Rangers would allow me to join the crew?” His voice began rising with agitation. “I know they’re still wary of me, but they have to let me use my training!”

Dunstan thought a moment. “You know, if there’s any ship the Rangers have where you might have a chance, it’s the Phoenix. Maybe you could talk to her Chief of Security directly and explain your situation to him.”

A hopeful expression came onto G’fen’s face. “That’s true, this ship is my best bet. Do you have an idea how I could contact him? The ship won’t be easy to contact, I’ve tried many times.”

“If she’s on her way back, maybe you could talk to him in person once he gets here. His name is Darquin, Tomas Darquin.” Dunstan looked off into the distance for a moment, remembering something. “I think he’ll give you a chance. He’s a very decent man, and very open-minded.”

“I hope so, most people around here sure don’t have an open mind. Well, except for you.” G’fen looked puzzled. “How are you associated with this Darquin? I haven’t heard you mention him before.”

“He was the Chief of Security on the Phoenix when I was stationed there. When I –” his voice was interrupted by a series of painful sounding coughs. After several deep breaths, he continued. “When I tried to blow the ship up, he caught me. Unfortunately he was just a moment too late.” He looked sad again. “A lot of people died that day. To be honest with you, I’m still amazed that he doesn’t want to kill me, after that.”

“You can’t blame yourself for that. It wasn’t in your control, you were sick. This man seems to be understanding as well.” G’fen began to smile once again. “Let’s turn away from such depressing matters. When you feel up to it, I’ll treat you to a night on the town!”

“That sounds wonderful. I confess I’ll need a few more days, I think. But I’m looking forward to it. Tell me, how is the work on our mah’uzeed going?”

“Oh, I forgot you haven’t been around to see it. One of the other workers positioned a block wrong. The entire section we were working on collapsed. But now that you’re back, we’ll be able to catch these mistakes before they set us back too far.” G’fen searched his head to find something good to report. “Um…Oh, we finished the main sanctuary. It’ll be beautiful when the gardens are put in.”

Dunstan smiled. “I’m sure it will. Don’t worry about the setback.” He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry, G’fen. I’m really tired. If you don’t need me for anything else, I need to rest.”

“That’s perfectly fine. It’s been a long journey for you to make in your condition. I will talk to you tomorrow, and hopefully in a few days we can have our night on the town!” G’fen then gave the traditional Narn gesture for departure. He felt a little uneasy about leaving his friend alone, but it soon passed. He then left for home.

Copyright (c) 2002 Jamie Lawson and Nick Wistner. All rights reserved.

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