Joining the Wake

Characters: G’ren

G’ren finally left his quarters in order to join the wake. He was wearing a clean uniform, and he had washed himself several minutes before it.

As he entered the lift, G’ren started to think about the fact that he knew none of the rangers who died on the WS 24. Still, he was a security officer, and that meant that he had to watch over the wake in case that someone will drink too much or in any other case requiring security presence.

As he left the lift , he suddenly saw through a window a jumpgate forming in front of the ship, and then the Phoenix jumped into hyperspace. Where are we going? he thought. .. to search for the alien raiders or for the Hellfire? There was no answer in his mind, but he knew that where ever they will go in this hostile, uncharted space, it will be dangerous. But he was a Narn and a Ranger, and things like that didn’t frighten him … or… well… they were not supposed to frighten him. In fact, going into an unknown system which was in the territory of some hostile aliens frightens any sentient being.

G’ren entered the wake with this thoughts in his mind, and noticed the great number of rangers dancing, drinking or talking around him. Well … he thought, … that’s gonna be a really good party …

Copyright (c) 1998 Omer Joel. All rights reserved.

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