Meetin’ Time

Characters: Tylo Narsh, Dylan Shaver

Tylo looked at his crew, their faces a jumble of the races. He looked at Dylan, who nodded to the captain, then stood and watched as all the attention was placed on him. “Before we begin, I’d just like to say that as always, things have been just a little bit hectic around here, and I am sorry for not introducing myself and getting to know all of you. I hope that soon we’ll have time for all of that, but not right now. Another wrench has been thrown in the works, this time a big one. Dylan, if you would care to explain the situation?”

“Yes, sir,” Shaver stood up and went to the front of the room and faced the crew, “Approximately forty eight hours ago we had a few, unconfirmed, reports coming again about the occasional class skirmish between the Warriors and the Religious castes. These were drastic reports, but remained unconfirmed so we did our best to stay out of it. Today, we recieved a confirmed report from Ranger One that full scale civil war has broken out all over Minbar.” Shaver’s voice was cold and unemotional at this time. He looked into the attentive eyes of the crew and inwardly sighed. He paused for a few seconds to regather his thoughts.

“Ever since the Grey Council was dissolved, Minbar has had no true ruling voice. They had a leader, yes, but they had no voice of the people, so to speak. Tension grew and the Warrior caste struck it’s blow, sending many religious outside of the cities, claiming their homes and property as their own. With what little support they had, the Religious caste has fought back managing to remain underground for quite some time. An adequate analogy, would be the underground created to smuggle Jews out of Nazi occupied countries during Earth’s World War Two.”

He overheard Katia Santiago, in the second chair, mumble something about other select threats to humanity she may have encountered. He replied to her with a cold, dead stare.

“All the Warriors want is for the Religious caste to proclaim them leaders and to give them control of the planet. This would most likely mean that most Minbari currently serving as Rangers, approximately 92% of the entire White Star Fleet, would be forced to leave the Rangers or return home. Which, i am sure we can all see, would not be good for anybody at this time,” Shaver went to sit down at his seat, at the head of the table, “On that note I turn the spotlight back to Captan Narsh.”

Dylan returned to his seat, as Tylo again stood and moved to the front of the room. “We are going to Minbar for a quick strike evacuation mission. There are several areas where the Warriors are threatening either Ranger or Religious caste installations. We must get our people out of there instead of leaving them to be trampled. We will be pulling many leaders out of Minbar so that they may fight on from a safer place.”

Tylo punched a few buttons next to the main view screen and an image of Minbar appeared. “We will begin by entering Minbar orbit here, on the far side from the jumpgate. We do not expect there to be much resistence from Minbari warships, as they have already been dispatched by the Warriors. If there even are any in orbit, it will be a surprise.”

The image shifted and zoomed in on the lower continent of Minbar. “These are our main targets. There are three areas that need to be cleared out. The main Ranger training facility, the hub of the underground network, and the Religious caste’s main temple. It is imperative that we get as many people out of these spots as possible. Right now they are as good as dead, but if we can get them off Minbar they can help us.”

Tylo shut off the display and returned his focus to his crew. “You will be splitting up into three teams, each with a full security force, some medical personnel, and a attack shuttle with two Zen’Thas running escort. I need people I can count on down there, so some of you that wouldn’t normally go on missions like this will be.”

“Dylan, your group will consist of you, Gylenn and Mira. You’ll be taking the Shuttle Slayer.” Dylan nodded, and the captain turned to his chief tactical officer. “Morgan, I want you, Matusmoto, and Santiago to go down in the shuttle Silencer. Darquin and Solo, I want you with me in Striker. Validenn, 090, I trust you can divide up the pilots for escort.”

“We will be jumping into the system in just under 3 hours, I want you to be ready to go in 2 hours, understood?” Narsh said, eyeing his crew. “Now, are there any questions?”

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