Characters: Fleet Captain Freise

Freise, after finishing lunch with Sheridan, went back to his ship to get some things to take with him on the Phoenix. Sheridan had told him that Jen could not go on this mission after he asked John about that. The Ramoth would get an overhaul, free of charge, for me going on this mission. He hated being away from the people he loved, but Jen would understand, formerly being in the Earth Force herself and away from her husband and then finding out that he was killed.

Jen, was just getting off duty after speaking with the maintenance crew chief on what was going be to done to the Ramoth and was walking down the hallway to thier joint quarters. She had met Mackey right after leaving the Earth Force when President Santiago was assassinated by Clark and went underground. She was on on this planet near the rim working at an dig site. Mackey happened to stop in on one of his trips at the rim. He had just recently got the Ramoth and was in the process of getting a crew to man her. It was almost love at first site. She became his XO for the Ramoth since she had the experience of being in the Earth Force.

She walked into thier qtrs and saw Mackey packing up. “Mack, what is wrong? Are you leaving?” She asked.

“I can’t tell you the details but I will be gone only for a short time. John and Delenn want me to take command of the RS Phoenix for this one mission.” He said.

“Is this why the we were called back to B5 and also for the repairs?” She asked.

“Yes, hon.” Mackey said. “I know how you feel, but If I do not do this mission, Sheridan will not let the Ramoth off of B5.” He continued.

“I understand, I don’t like it, but I understand.” She said. “Can I go?” Jen asked.

“No” he answered. “They will not let you go, and even if I could have you go, I need someone to work with the ship. Once the repairs and upgrades have been done, I hope the John will let you take the ship out for some runs before I return to keep our explorations being done.” He aaid. “I have to go to the Phoenix and speak with the department heads and the XO and to find my way around the Phoenix” he continued.

“I will miss you very much.” she said kissing him.

“I will miss you also” he said, kissing her and leaving thier qtrs.

Freise walked onto Babylon 5 and went to the shuttle bay for a shuttle to take him to the Phoenix. He was thinking about this mission and other things. Before Jen arrived at thier qtrs he had recorded a message to her with instructions if he didn’t survive this mission. He gave the Ramoth to her with the instructions to keep working on her work. He hopes that she will never get to hear that message and that they will get to see each other soon. Freise then stepped into the shuttle and was taken to the Phoenix with him thinking that this is weird, being command of a Ranger ship that is Para military. He thought he had left that behind, but I guess it never leaves you.

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