Mixing It Up

Characters: Dana Gentry

Dana Gentry stood on the edges of the mixer, watching her fellow Rangers mingle, laugh, and chat. Some looked comfortable, some on edge. She laughed to herself. She was not exactly a party girl. She liked to have fun and cut loose, but it was usually with her few close, intimate friends in a more private setting. She was never comfortable trying to have fun with people she barely knew. Rolling her shoulders, she picked out the more familiar faces in the crowd for comfort. There were people here she was becoming close too, though most were total strangers.

Still, these were her people, people she relied on and who relied on her, even if only from a distance, and she agreed that shipmates should at least try to get to know each other. The mixer was, in theory, at least, a good idea. So go with it, Dana! she told herself wryly. Looking around, she spotted her boss, Katia Santiago, talking to the XO. She smiled, warmly. She was glad Katia had broken down and came. Maybe the chief would have some fun! And why should I be the only one to suffer! Dana felt only the smallest twinge of guilt for the rather sadistic thought. She considered going over and saying hello, but, somehow, the conversation seemed just a little too… tense.

She decided to stay off by herself for just a bit longer. She enjoyed observing people and it was one way to familiarize herself with her fellows. She noted which people were sticking close to familiar faces and which were circling around, meeting and talking to new people. She listened with half an ear to the snatches of conversation that came her way, but none of it affected or interested her. She smoothed down the fabric of her Ranger uniform. She never wore this one to work, keeping it clean and fresh for moments like this. She wondered briefly what someone else might see, if they were observing her. Someone not having fun, probably.

She spotted her friend, Helen, in the group and went over to join her. Helen was talking to a group of ensigns from navigation. Helen smiled.

“I was wondering if you were going to come over.”

“Its a mixer, I figured I should do some mixing,” Dana answered, quirking an eyebrow.

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